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Law-ng Term Rivalry
Though its origins are unknown, Marshall Law and Baek Do San have (or had) a bit of a rivalry between them, which has even created a rift between students at their two schools.
Law-ng Term Rivalry
Though its origins are unknown, Marshall Law and Baek Do San have (or had) a bit of a rivalry between them, which has even created a rift between students at their two schools.
Legendary Cameo
True to the series' reputation, even the non-fighting SoulCalibur game, SoulCalibur Legends on the Wii, features a bonus playable character in Lloyd Irving.
Applies to: Lloyd
Legendary Weapons
Many of Hiryu's moves are named for weapons of various lore. Ame no murakumo is the sword pulled from one of Yamata no Orochi's tails by Susanowo, and later renamed Kusanagi. Excalibur is the mythic sword wielded by King Arthur. Gram is the sword that Sigurd slew the dragon Fafnir in Norse myth. Vajra - Sanskrit for thunderbolt or diamond - is ofte...
Applies to: Strider Hiryu
Légende du Loup Affamé
"Garou Densetsu," the series' name in Japan, translates to "Legend of the Hungry Wolf" (garou: hungry wolf, densetsu: legend).

According to Wikipedia, similarity between the Japanese "garou" and the French "loup-garou" (werewolf) is entirely coincidental.

Applies to: Fatal Fury
Legions of Lizards
The selectable Lizardman in Soul Calibur I, III, and IV, is a specific Lizardman, formerly the human Aeon Calcos. The one playable in SC II, as well as the ones that are CPU-only opponents in III and IV (which can be taken control of temporarily in IV) are generic, nameless minions of Calcos'. The minion Lizardmen wield Gyulkus Weapon (a short swor...
Applies to: Lizardman
Leona: Fierce Fighting Edition
In 2006, SNK released "Ikari - Leona Gekitouhen" for mobile phones, a remake of the original Ikari Warriors. You can play Leona, Ralf, or Clark (Ralf and Clark in "old" or "new" costumes).

Japanese title: 怒 -IKARI- レオナ激闘編

Applies to: Clark Steel Leona Heidern Ralf Jones
Lightning Lincoln
In a beta version of Fight Club, there was an unintended glitch that during Abe Lincoln's victory taunt animation, you would see lightning bolts coming from the palms of his hands. After speaking to the producers, developers, and programmers, it was confirmed to be just a glitch.
Applies to: Abe Lincoln
Like a tank with NOS
Potemkin's home nation of Zepp is likely named for the band Led Zeppelin, as his theme Burly Heart has a bit that's very close to the beginning of their song "Kashmir."

His move "Hammer Fall" may be named after the heavy metal band "Hammerfall."

Applies to: Potemkin
Like rats from a sinking ship... to another one
Members of Daraku Tenshi's development staff supposedly left Psikyo for SNK after this game's release in 1998. Their creative influence is most strongly visible in King of Fighters '99.
Applies to: Daraku Tenshi King of Fighters '99, The
Little Dog Rio
In Ehrgeiz' ranking screen, sometimes Jo can be seen chasing after a dog with a massively long tail. Using a cheat device on the PlayStation version can make this dog playable. Its name is Rio and it has no special attacks, but shares all of hits basic moves with Django.
Applies to: Jo Ehrgeiz
Liu Skywalker
In an analogy to Luke Skywalker of Star Wars, Ed Boon said to make a Mortal Kombat without Liu Kang just wouldn't be right. Ironically, the first Mortal Kombat game made entirely by Boon's direction was the only one to date without Liu Kang in the cast.
Applies to: Liu Kang
Longterm Absentee
Hatchiyack was first seen in the Famicom card-based role-playing game DragonBall Z Gaiden Saiyajin Zetsumetsu Keikaku ("Plan to Exterminate the Saiyans") in 1993. Other than an animated strategy guide, also in 1993, and a couple of Bandai Playdia games based on this animated footage and expanded in 1994, Hatchiyack was unseen in any new mate...
Applies to: Hatchiyack DragonBall Raging Blast 2
Lost Kombatants
Ed Boon and the Mortal Kombat crew were working on several characters in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe that would have served as downloadable content, including Quan Chi, Harley Quinn, Kung Lao, Mr. Mxyzptlk, Lobo, and Doomsday. However, with Midway's failing financial situation, and the advent of work beginning on the next entry in the series, the...
Applies to: Doomsday Harley Quinn Kung Lao Lobo Quan Chi Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe
Lost Souls
SoulCalibur V was obviously rushed through development at the behest of Namco-Bandai. The data files of the disc reveal that a boss version of Astaroth and an unknown second guest character were left on the cutting room floor, and Zasalamel and Kamikirimusi's SCIV models are sitting in there as well.
Applies to: Astaroth Kamikirimusi Zasalamel Soul Calibur 5
Lost to the Sands of Time
Sega of America had plans to release a third Eternal Champions game, Eternal Champions: The Final Chapter, on the Saturn. It was nixed because Sega of Japan felt that it would steal popularity from its upcoming Virtua Fighter in the states.
Applies to: Eternal Champions Eternal Champions (CD)
Low Blow
In the Mortal Kombat movie Johnny Cage performs his infamous "splits punch" on none other than Goro. This is only interesting because Goro is one of the few characters Johnny has never been allowed to "splits punch" in game.
Applies to: Goro Johnny Cage

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