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Early Installment Weirdness
More than any other character in the Hiryu no Ken games, Shouryu has gone through many changes. He started out as a China-born kung fu contemporary of Ryuhi's, and eventually became a barechested American that studied "Martial Arts". At one point, his name was changed to Shokaku/Syokaku (although it was decidedly the same character). Finally, with ...
Applies to: Shouryu
Ed's Head
Edward Schofield's head was used for the character, Ed Hed. At the time, he was the lead animator of Neverhood. His previous works included Cool Spot, Aladdin, and Earthworm Jim.
Applies to: Ed Hed
Eiffel 65 Likes Tekken.
Tekken 3 can be heard in My Console, a song made by the Italian group Eiffel 65.
Applies to: Tekken 3
Elder God's Champion. . .not
Monster was originally an alternate outfit design for Scorpion while he was working the "Elder God's Champion" angle, bright white armor was ultimately decided just too far a departure from the character's trademark yellow ninja garb and shoehorned into a separate character entirely. Monster still shares all Scorpion's moves, mannerisms, and even ...
Applies to: Monster Scorpion
Endless Warfare In Tekken 5.
Raphael's theme from Soul Calibur III also appears during Anna's and Nina's ending in Tekken 5.
Applies to: Anna Williams Nina Williams Raphael Sorel Soul Calibur 3 Tekken 5
Enough Cross-Canon To Make Your Head Spin
Shuma-Gorath is undoubtedly one of the most peculiar characters in Marvel canon, but his roots (tentacles?) run much deeper than the surface.

Shuma-Gorath is first invoked by name in "The Curse of the Golden Skull", a posthumously published Kull the Conqueror short story by Robert E. Howard. A few years later, the name was used by Marvel Com...

Applies to: Shuma-Gorath
Erinaceomorphs and Serpents
Sonic Championship is reportedly the result of AM2 designer Masahiro Sugiyama slipping Sonic and Tails into Fighting Vipers out of boredom. Sega big cheese Yu Suzuki happened to see this, and liked the idea, presenting it to Sonic creator Yuji Naka. Naka approved, and instead of just including Sonic and Tails as secret characters, AM2 decided to bu...
Applies to: Sonic Tails Fighting Vipers Sonic the Fighters
Ermac Who?
On the diagnostics screen of the first arcade version of Mortal Kombat, there was a listing in the audit menu for "ERMACS", right below "REPTILE BATTLES". This led players to believe there was a hidden character called Ermac, so they wrote to several magazines, and even Midway itself, asking about his existance. ERMAC actually is short for "Error M...
Applies to: Ermac
Eroded Concept
First revealed at E3 2009, Gladiator A.D. was a realistic, ultra-gory, 300-inspired slugfest. By February of the following year, the name had changed to "Tournament of Legends" and the hyper violence and realism was dropped in favor of a T-rated mythological brawl.
Applies to: Tournament of Legends
Everybody Hates Hugo
Recent efforts by hackers have revealed that Hugo was originally planned for Street Fighter III. Although he is incomplete, he more or less uses the same sprite he has in 2nd Impact. He has no attacks and will always fight Gill, and most notably, his Super Arts (Giant Pile Driver, Titan Riot, and Hyper Knuckle) are not the names of the Super Arts h...
Applies to: Hugo Street Fighter 3
Everybody Loves Rayden
Though consistently label Raiden in arcade iterations, his name is occasionally (and inexplicably) listed as Rayden in home conversion, and other media (films, comics, etc).
Applies to: Raiden
Everybody's Mr. Bad Guy
As with most Guilty Gear characters, Sol harbors a great deal of music references. He's a fan of the band Queen, and his "real name" is Frederick - a reference to Freddie Mercury, Queen's frontman. Mercury released a solo album and song titled Mr. Bad Guy. "Rock You" etched on Sol's headband refers to Queen's "We Will Rock You."

His instan...

Applies to: Sol Badguy
Everyone Loves Kinnikuman
Armor King's new Muscle Driver air throw in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection is a copy of Kinnikuman's Kinniku Driver technique.
Applies to: Armor King (II) Kinnikuman

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