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Pacifist Sisters
Nakoruru and Rimururu (referred to ingame as "Rimnerel") appear in Warriors Rage in a story-only capacity. Nakoruru appears as a nature spirit, imploring you to fight the evil Oboro and awaken her sister. Rimururu is hibernating in a block of ice for some reason.
Applies to: Nakoruru Rimururu Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage (PSX)
Panda Power
Pandaman was originally an early Kinnikuman character, that was actually an actor in a costume. Kinnikuman mistook him for a fighter and took quarrel with him. Years later, a fan submitted a completely different Pandaman for one of the manga's famed Choujin (Superhuman) creation contests. Pandaman appeared in 1988's "Kinnikuman 77 no Nazo". In 1997...
Applies to: Pandaman
Pandora's Origin
The pack-in comic for the special edition of Street Fighter X Tekken reveals that the creator of Pandora looks an awful lot like Ingrid....
Applies to: Ingrid Street Fighter X Tekken
Party Pals
Pac-Man's ill-fated entry to the "Party Game" genre (2002's Pac-Man Fever) featured playable guest characters in the form of fighting game staples Heihachi and Astaroth, as well as the rarely-seen Tiger Jackson. Pac-Man's own wife and Ridge Racer mascot Reiko Nagase rounded out the cast.
Applies to: Astaroth Heihachi Mishima Pac-Man Tiger Jackson
Pilot Wings
In 1995, Malcolm appeared as a playable character in Aero Fighters 3, piloting the DO335 Pfeil.
Applies to: Malcolm Tao Taido
Playstation Power
Anjie's projectile attacks represent the Playstation controller's face buttons, in both shape and color.
Applies to: Anjie
Pool hall rock
Venom shares his name with a heavy metal band. His overdrive attack Dark Angel is also named for a thrash metal group.
Applies to: Venom
Marvel Comics' Deadpool started out as sort of a pastiche of DC's Deathstroke the Terminator. Although Deadpool still retains both eyes, the two characters' costumes are similar, as are their names (Deathstroke is Slade Wilson and Deadpool is Wade Wilson), and professions (mercenary/assassin).

Although Deadpool has evolved into a different c...

Applies to: Deadpool Deathstroke
Power is an illusion
Both of Polygon Man's intro lines are actually taken from the print advertisements that he was first featured on.
Applies to: Polygon Man PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
Pre-Mutant Entities
Despite appearing in multiple incarnations of TMNT lore (including the original Mirage comics), Fugitoid and the Triceratons actually debuted in Mirage's pre-TMNT comic, Gobbledygook in early 1984. The Gobbledygook Fugitoid stories were collected in 1985's Fugitoid one-shot.
Applies to: Fugitoid Triceraton
Primal Reject
There was a character named Necrosan who appeared to be a living dragon skeleton and was originally planned to appear in Primal Rage as a final boss. However, the character never made it into the game.
Applies to: Primal Rage
Professional Fangame
Rage of the Dragons was initially designed to be a genuine entry in the Double Dragon series. However, plans to acquire the license fell through, and instead of retooling their game, they simply obscured a few character names slightly and went along with the previous plan.
Applies to: Rage of the Dragons
Project Origin
Project Cerberus is originally based of "Lost Child", an adult visual novel on PC, developed by Tama-Soft.
Applies to: Project Cerberus
Prototype versions of Ryu and Ken exist in the ROM for the original Street Fighter. Limited to just one sprite each, these prototypes nonetheless show a number of differences compared with their final versions. Ryu's footwear and gloves are brown rather than red, his hair is shorter (more akin to subsequent depictions) and he has a meaner facial ex...
Applies to: Ken Masters Ryu Street Fighter
Psycho Psikyo Psyche-Out
Battle K-Road continues its developer Psikyo's proud tradition of providing extra gameplay at an increased difficulty level after the game's storyline ending. Though certainly unusual for a fighting game, it is not entirely without precedent in the genre. Punch-Out!! did it.

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