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Van Damme-persination
John Tobias was pushing to get Jean Claude Van Damme to star in the original Mortal Kombat. Unfortunatately (fortunately?), they never got to meet with him to discuss their ideas. In the MK3 Official Kollector's Book Tobias reports "We talked to his agent on the phone once." was as far as they got, but apparently that didn't stop them from creating...
Applies to: Mortal Kombat
Violent Confusion
Shareware moguls Apogee were apparently planning to release Sango Fighter in the USA with the working title "Violent Vengeance." Strangely, Violent Vengeance is the original title of a completely different DOS fighter, but a former employee has indicated that Apogee's V.V. was in fact Sango.

At any rate, the deal fell through, and Sango Fi...

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Virtua Reject
Siba was originally planned to be in the first Virtua Fighter game. Early screenshots showed him in the game, and official character art was released of him. However, when the game actually hit arcades, Siba was replaced with Akira Yuki. In some early revisions of the game, Siba's portrait can still be seen on the cabinet art, albeit labeled as "Ak...
Applies to: Akira Yuki Siba Fighters Megamix Virtua Fighter
Vocal Promotion
During the earliest stages of development, Filia was voiced by renowned voice actress Kira "rina-chan" Buckland. However, once Konami picked up the distribution rights and more actresses were being brought into the fold, Kira was swapped out for Christine Marie Cabanos. However, Buckland's voice did make it into the game as the titular Skullgirl, f...
Applies to: Bloody Marie Filia Skullgirls
Volter's Debut
The characters of Volter, Neon, Karochi Taiki, and Rosraisen technically were created for the game Tatsunoko Fight. The anime Tenkou Senka Volter was created as a promotion tool for this.
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