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A bad case of political correctness
In the Japanese Kinnikuman manga, video games, and anime, Geronimo is a Native American wrestler who was born on a Cherokee Reservation. However, when Kinnikuman stuff was brought over to the US in the early 21st century, 4Kids entertainment changed his ethnicity to English and his name to Beetlebomb. He was also given a voice similar to The Beatle...
Applies to: Geronimo
A Cat Pun
During the development of Skullgirls, Ms. Fortune was redesigned so that her limb-detachment ability would make sense visually. Also, she was given a far superior haircut.
Applies to: Ms. Fortune
A Council of War
Long-running Japanese game magazine Gamest was involved somehow with the development of Sonic Council. Whether in a design capacity, consultation, or simply name recognition is unknown.

Gamest would often publish win-loss charts for popular fighting games, and Sonic Council contains a built-in win-loss tracker where you can actually load Gam...

Applies to: Sokko Seitokai: Sonic Council
A Different Type of Robo-Fisticuffs
Cyberbots is the sequel to Capcom's 1994 beat-'em-up, Armored Warriors. The Blodia, Reptos, Guldin, and Fordy mechas are selectable.
Applies to: Cyberbots
A Duck without a King
Duck King's chicks sometimes march precariously along the edge of KoF13's U.S.A. skyscraper stage.
Applies to: Duck King King of Fighters 13, The
A Galaxy Far, Far Away... Or Maybe Not....
War is described in his biography in TMNT: Tournament Fighters as being an alien from another galaxy; this is backed up by one of his win quotes. However, in truth, War is one of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse in a storyline from Archie Comics' Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures, and is under the employ of the demon Null, along with Pesti...
Applies to: War Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters (SNES)
A Tale of Two Games
Because most Americans would not be familiar with the classic Ultraman, and due to Ultraman Great, A.K.A. Ultraman: Towards the Future was airing at the time, the Super NES port of the Ultraman arcade game was tweaked with Ultraman Great characters. Strangely, though the marketing for the game left off the subtitle, only displaying it on the title ...
Applies to: Ultraman Ultraman: Towards the Future
Ainu Have to Stick Together
In Capcom vs SNK 2, Nakoruru's intro and winposes occasionally feature another girl. This is Manari, a singer and fellow Ainu who first appeared in the PC/Dreamcast visual novel and anime OVA Nakoruru: Ano Hito kara no Okurimono.
Applies to: Nakoruru
The boss of Kakutou Haou Densetsu Algunos is this lanky creature in a flashing blue ball of energy. Its more of a minigame than a boss and I have no idea what its name is.

During the battle you're constantly pushed away from the entity while it emits various lightning strikes. Upon scoring any hit you have to wait a few seconds while it tran...

Applies to: Kakutou Haou Densetsu Algunos
Alien Inspiration
Though the uninformed would think otherwise, the character of Krang was partially inspired by the Utroms. The Utroms, also known as the "TCRI Aliens", were a tentacled alien species that were semi-brainlike in appearance, and first appeared in the third Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic, in March of 1985. Two years later, the same general idea was...
Applies to: Krang Utrominator
An Insider's Report
"I am shocked, delighted, and a little embarassed to reveal that a person from the original programming team contacted me about Tattoo Assassins after seeing this site, and I am extremely grateful to that person for the anonymous info you're about to read. This person assures me that the source code still exists, and that only two machines are b...
Applies to: Tattoo Assassins
Anachronistic Hardware
Despite being pulled from time by Dr. Brown in 1922 (born 1891 + 31 years old), Brocken's backgrounds in World Heroes 1 and 2 both feature German vehicles from WWII (1939–1945). The tanks in his WH stage appear to be Pzkpfw. VI Tigers and the airplane appears to be a Focke-Wulf 190. The tank that breaks through the wall in his WH2/Jet stage is a ...
Applies to: Brocken World Heroes World Heroes 2 World Heroes 2 Jet
Anachronistic Homeland
Released in March 1991, Street Fighter II depicting Zangief as hailing from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.). This made perfect sense, as the U.S.S.R. would not be dissolved until December of that year.

However, Street Fighter Alpha 2, which was released in 1996 but takes place before SFII, indicates that Zangief's country ...

Applies to: Zangief Street Fighter 2 Street Fighter Alpha 2
Asuka 120% LimitOver
Following the release of 'Limited' on Sega Saturn in 1997, members of the original development team got together to create this unofficial CD-R patch disc. The gameplay is tweaked even further, and the 'Story Mode' is removed, replaced by an all-new 'Death Match Mode'.

Now a very, very rare item, very sought after by collectors.

Applies to: Asuka 120% Limited BURNING Fest.
Audio Diary
Though the Big Daddy does not speak in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, the voice of Andrew Ryan can be heard during his Level 3 and occasionally during the start of the match.
Applies to: Big Daddy
Ayako In V.G. Max.
Ayako Yuuki can be seen in Yumiko's stage. Whether she works there or are just there as a guest is unknown.
Applies to: Ayako Yuuki V.G. Max
Ayane Cosplay
One of Ayane's costumes resembles Millennia from Kagero: Deception 2, a game developed by Tecmo.
Applies to: Ayane Dead or Alive 2 Dead or Alive Ultimate

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