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Naeka Quick Change
If you reach 800 points in the food mini game, Naeka will change outfit.
Applies to: Naeka Fujihara Kamen no Maid Guy
Naked Guy Sci-fi
When executing his main special moves, Urien utters "Crush," "Kill," and "Destroy." While over the years this mantra has become popular with robots everywhere, its first use can be traced back to one IDAK Alpha 12 in a 1967 episode of Lost in Space.
Applies to: Urien
Name change
For some reason, in all the non-japanese versions of Martial Champion Chaos and Titi's names are swapped.
Applies to: Chaos Titi Martial Champion
On KoF13's China background, Tung Fu Rue can sometimes be seen sleeping on the right end of the stage.
Applies to: Tung Fu Rue King of Fighters 13, The
Narutimate Repurposing
With the PlayStation 2 slowly dying, CyberConnect 2 and Namco Bandai hopped aboard the PSP for the third installment of their Narutimate Accel series. In North America, since Narutimate Accel 2/Ultimate Ninja 5 was not being released, and given the fact that it was the third Naruto fighting game on PSP, Namco Bandai decided to rebrand the game as U...
Applies to: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3
Natsuki Chibi Battle
If any character stands perfectly idle and unmolested for 20 counts of the timer (why would this ever happen??), they utter a phrase and turn super deformed until they move again.
Applies to: Natsuki Crisis Battle
Spopovich was featured on the cover of the PAL versions of DBZ: Budokai, despite the fact that he would not appear in a DBZ fighter for another five years.
Applies to: Spopovich DragonBall Z: Budokai
New Faces on the Block
@char=yashiro1_kof@, @char=shermie1_kof@, and @char=chris1_kof@ are in a band called C.Y.S. together. Yashiro plays guitar, Chris is on vocals, and Shermie plays the keyboard.
Applies to: Chris Shermie Yashiro Nanakase
New lease on life
For KOF '99, SNK's design staff got some fresh blood in the form of Psikyo's former fighting team "The Steel Hearts." One of their new ideas was a sexy white-haired hero in skintight leather... K's design was cribbed heavily from Daraku Tenshi's Cool. Other elements from Cool found their way into Krizalid (the feathers, namely) and Another K' in ...
Applies to: Cool K'
There is much data left on the disc of Budokai 3 that hints that many character-related things were cut before release.

Bulma only shows up during one instance of training mode, but upon use of cheat device, it shows that her model has more range than what is shown in training mode, including attacks and so forth. Her English voice actress w...

Applies to: Android 19 Bulma Dodoria Kid Goku Saibaman Zarbon DragonBall Z: Budokai 3
Night Train (in my backgrounds)
Axl is lacking any clever heavy metal references in his move names, but he is visually based on/more or less named after Guns N' Roses' lead singer Axl Rose.
Applies to: Axl Low
Ninja Mime
Johnny Cage's first film was Ninja Mime. It bombed in the U.S. but was quite popular in France. This is funny because Jean Claude Van Damme, the actor Johnny's design was based on, is French (from Belgium) and feels his action style is perhaps too intense for American cinema.
Ninja Mime
Johnny Cage's first film was Ninja Mime. It bombed in the U.S. but was quite popular in France. This is funny because Jean Claude Van Damme, the actor Johnny's design was based on, is French (from Belgium) and feels his action style is perhaps too intense for American cinema.
Ninja Mime
Johnny Cage's first film was Ninja Mime. It bombed in the U.S. but was quite popular in France. This is funny because Jean Claude Van Damme, the actor Johnny's design was based on, is French (from Belgium) and feels his action style is perhaps too intense for American cinema.
Although many (understandably) thought he was based on Benimaru Nikaido, Chou Sawagejo, according to Rurouni Kenshin creator Nobuhiro Watsuki, he was inspired by Samurai Shodown's Galford D. Weller.
Applies to: Chou Sawagejo Galford D. Weller
No Fatties
Takara's Genesis port of Samurai Shodown is missing Earthquake--arguably a "small" price to pay for graphics much closer to "arcade perfect" than those of the Super NES port.
Applies to: Earthquake Samurai Shodown
No love for Wii
Capcom has stated that a Wii version of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 was in the works, to be released around the same time as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions. However, because of the download size limit imposed by Nintendo on Virtual Console/WiiWare games, and the fact that Capcom no longer has the license to release Marvel branded games in physical...
Applies to: Marvel vs Capcom 2
No More Violence!
In order to facilitate the "T" rating DC Comics required for the use of their license, several Mortal Kombat characters' signature fatalities were altered in Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe. In Jax's Head Smash Fatality, he flattens his opponent's head like a pancake rather than exploding it to pieces, none of the opponent's flesh burns off in Scorpio...
Applies to: Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe
No Peeing Allowed
It is confirmed in the June 1996 issue of GamePro that a Gilbert, Arizona mother named Ellie Rovella became enraged when her 11-year-old son bought and played the Genesis version of Primal Rage, using GamePro's strategy guide to execute Chaos' golden shower/urination fatality. Such an outrage caused her to return the game and also launch a grass-ro...
Applies to: Chaos
There was a character named HoboCop, a self-made bum policeman, who was originally intended to be a playable character in Clay Fighter 63 1/3 and Clay Fighter: Sculptor's Cut. However, Nintendo decreed the character as too offensive; therefore, he was not included in either game.
Applies to: Clay Fighter 63 1/3 Clayfighter 63 1/3: Sculptor's Cut
The Neo Geo CD fan disk "ADK World" contains some early and unused character sketches for various games. These AODK sketches are: Akira, Hayato, an early Kisarah, and Dom.
Applies to: Aggressors of Dark Kombat
Non-Smoking Section
In the emulated version of Mortal Kombat II included in the Xbox and PlayStation 2 action game "Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks", due to Pause being configured on the controller as Start, it is impossible to fight against Smoke. The irony in this, is that in order to unlock MKII within Shaolin Monks, you must complete a series of quests given to you.....
Applies to: Smoke Mortal Kombat 2
Not Coming to America
Due to licensing issues, Daimaou did not make it into Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars; instead, Tekkaman Blade, Joe the Condor, Frank West, Zero and Yatterman-2 were included in the game.
Applies to: Daimaou Frank West Joe the Condor Tekkaman Blade Yatterman-2 Zero Tatsunoko vs. Capcom
Not enough room for everyone
According to Michael Latham (EP and designer of the Eternal Champions series), the character Dawson from Eternal Champions: Challenge From the Dark Side, was originally planned to appear in the first EC, but didn't make the first cut. Chin Wo and Blast, secret characters from Challenge From the Dark Side, were also planned for the original game as ...
Applies to: Blast Chin Wo Dawson McShane Eternal Champions Eternal Champions (CD)
Not Officially Dead
From series producer Katsuhiro Harada:

"About JUN, there seem to be a lot of fans that think that Jun has died in the official storyline. That isn't exactly true.

From Jin's perspective in the story, he believes his mother, Jun, has died. This is the correct interpretation.
After the release of TEKKEN 3, I have officially stated to...

Applies to: Jun Kazama
Not So New Generation
Originally designed as a complete departure from the Street Fighter 2 era characters, Sean was meant to be the only Fireball/Dragon Punch character in the game. Fearing negative fan reaction, Capcom ultimately thought better of it and reintroduced series staples Ryu and Ken to the mix.
Applies to: Street Fighter 3
Not-So-New World Order
For a time, there was a rumor in which Kevin "Diesel" Nash and Scott "Razor Ramon" Hall were unlockable via a code in WWF In Your House. However, it has been proven to be false.
Applies to: Razor Ramon WWF In Your House
Nuclear Man, the Fighter
Chelnov first appeared in arcades in 1988, in the game Chelnov: Atomic Runner. A coal miner transformed by a nuclear accident, he fought for justice against "devilish Destarian." The Statue of Liberty, where his final battle in that game took place, is visible in his Fighter's History background.
Applies to: Chelnov

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