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Background Cameos Plus Alpha
SFA2: Strider can be seen in Ken's stage, wearing his original outfit and holding a teddy bear (he tosses the bear into the air and catches it whenever a super is landed). A popular legend goes that this appearance is a tribute to one of Capcom's programmers. This mystery man was under immense pressure to make the NEC SuperGrafx port of Strider t...
Applies to: Strider Hiryu Street Fighter Alpha 2
Bad Juju
A Skullgirls fan (Ceemcneil) suggested a rather oblique idea for a character (an Asian sniper with a talking gun). The development team liked the idea enough to develop into an actual character, Juju, but mcneil demanded that the character was "his" and that he needed reparation for the character to be in the game. After a long and storied legal pr...
Applies to: Parasoul Skullgirls
In 2000, Capcom released Cannon Spike (USA, Gunspike JPN) for Naomi and Dreamcast. A top-down shooter developed by genre masters Psikyo, it featured a number of Capcom mainstays in starring roles.

@char=vega_stf@ appeared in drastically redesigned form as bosses "Fallen Balrog" and later "Revenger Balrog."

The arcade version featured ...

Applies to: Vega
Bahn's Bizarre Connection
Bahn's design is inspired if not borrowed wholesale from Jotaro Kujo of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.
Applies to: Bahn Jotaro Kujo
Beni's Bizarre Connection(s)
KOF's Benimaru is based on two seperate manga characters from the late '80s, Polnareff (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure) and Senkuu (Sakigake!! Otokojuku)

While both characters are tall-haired blondes, Benimaru's first outfit is nearly an exact copy of Polnareff's. Beni's "Shinkuu Kakategoma" spinning kick is based on Senkuu's "Rikuke...

Applies to: Benimaru Nikaido Polnareff Polymer Senkuu
Better Late Than Never
The name Kinjin appears in the data of the arcade versions of Tekken Tag Tournament. Since kin is Japanese for gold, many assumed that this was originally supposed to be applied to Tetsujin's unlockable gold palette.

14 years later, Kinjin finally appeared as a boss character in Tekken Revolution, as a golden, flamboyantly dressed version of...

Applies to: Kinjin Tekken Revolution Tekken Tag Tournament
Big Trouble In Little Earthrealm
Even if Boon and Tobias didn't straight-up admit it, it's pretty clear that Raiden and old-man Shang Tsung were heavily based on the Three Storms (specifically, Lightning) and David Lo Pan, respectively, from John Carpenter's film Big Trouble in Little China.
Applies to: Raiden
Billy Estevez (Emilio Kane)
According to a sidebar in an issue of Neo Geo Freak, Billy Kane was originally modelled on Emilio Estevez.

At least, I am pretty sure that's what it's saying.

Applies to: Billy Kane
Birds of a Feather
Though they both use the same style of Taekwando, Hwoarang has made great strides in developing his own variation in his master's absense, namely in the application of the Flamingo stance. Nonetheless, they have managed to share a few common moves like the Cannonball, Swordfish, and Roll & Choke throws, as well as the Heel Lance, Hunting Hawk, and ...
Applies to: Baek Do San Hwoarang
Black or White?
When he first appeared in the original Street Fighter, Birdie was Caucasian. In the Alpha series, however, he's a black man. Also, one of his victory quotes in Street Fighter Alpha 3 mentions that he was pale because he was sick.
Applies to: Birdie
Blank Cameo
Although unplayable, Kamen Rider Ryuki/Dragon Knight's Blank Form shows up in the game's intro.
Applies to: Kamen Rider Ryuki Blank Form Kamen Rider Dragon Knight
Blind Fury
At first Zato-One lacked blatant music references, but he has a few likely inspirations. His move "Break The Law" may be named for the Judas Priest song, "Breaking the Law." His shadow symbiote, Eddie, may be named after Iron Maiden's mascot.

The name "Zato-One" is a reference to the blind swordsman Zatoichi from Japanese film and TV (ich...

Applies to: Eddie Zato-1
Block Battlers
On December 21, 2008, Super Fighter Team (owners of the rights of the Super Fighter license at the time) released a game called Super Fighter Block Battle for mobile phones. The game is very similar to Super Street Fighter II Turbo and Mortal Kombat Deception's "Puzzle Kombat" mode. However, unlike those two, this game actually employs a canon stor...
Applies to: Super Fighter
Blocked Belokk
Midway at one point was working on a character for Mortal Kombat Gold named Belokk - a large, demonic character. He was scrapped early in development. However, Eurocom, the co-developer of Gold, accidentally leaked some screenshots of Belokk to Game Informer magazine.
Applies to: Mortal Kombat Gold
Boss Beam
Justice's super Gamma Ray is likely a reference to the power metal band of the same name. Gamma Ray was formed by Kai Hansen, who himself factors into Ky Kiske's name.
Applies to: Justice
Bugs and Fishes
According to Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada:

"Regarding 'SAKE', this was included when we planned to implement a new animal character. But there were a few problems...

It was really a salmon so, no matter if you press punch or kick, the character just flops around making a flapping noise...

At the time, one play was 100 yen ...

Applies to: Jin Kazama Yoshimitsu Tekken 3
Butt in the Jungle
Kyokugen student Kushnood Butt (or Marco Rodriguez, depending on where you live) can be seen sometimes in KOF13's Jungle background, encouraging the fighters with his shouts. He seems to have been dropped unchanged into the console version's Kyokugen Dojo stage, as well.
Applies to: Kushnood Butt King of Fighters 13, The

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