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Dan's design was created in retaliation to Art of Fighting's many similarities to Street Fighter. His appearance and moves all parody @char=ryo_aof@ and @char=robert_aof@. His win poses and propensity for taunting all parody @char=yuri_aof@ and @char=takuma_aof@. His father, Go Hibiki, is a parody of Takuma's @char=mrkarate1_aof@ persona, and hi...
Applies to: Dan Hibiki
Satori Komeiji Reference
One of Koishi Komeiji's colour palette resembles her sister Satori Komeiji.
Applies to: Koishi Komeiji Hopeless Masquerade
Satsuki being ignored
While she first appeared in Melty Blood: Re-Act as a playable character, she can be found in the first original game. Note that this will only work when you either play or fight against Miyako.

She appears before a match as a black silhouette. When she is revealed, her hands are behind her back. When she brings them out, it's all covered i...

Applies to: Miyako Arima Satsuki Yumizuka Melty Blood
See no evil, read no evil, speak no evil
No concrete answer is ever given regarding Arakune's bizzare speech patterns, only that he is not consciously aware of it happening. In Story Mode, an option is presented to include the missing words and letters in his dialogue, but it has no effect on the other character's comprehension.
Applies to: Arakune
Sentai Sword
It's no coincidence that the Viewtiful Joe character of Alastor shares a name with Dante's sword; according to VJ1 and Red Hot Rumble, Alastor is the spirit sealed within Dante's sword.
Applies to: Blade Master Alastor Dante
Sequelitis, This Isn't
There is likely no Jang Pung 1. Jang Pung 2 was nothing but a bad Master System/Genesis/Game Gear port of Street Fighter 2 with different names. However, Jang Pung 3 is a totally legit fighting game in its own right.
Applies to: Jang Pung 3
Shady Sawamura
In the U.S. version only (Ultimate Fighter), Sawamura, in the single player modes, sports a mask of some sort (or perhaps a kabuto?). Unfortunately, the playable Sawamura lacks this feature (as well as his Japanese incarnation). Several other karateka enemies in the single player modes also sport this head covering.
Applies to: Sawamura
Shared Origin
Part of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' origin story - with the young boy pushing a blind man out of the way of a speeding truck full of radioactive goop - mirrors that of Daredevil's. This, and the addition of their master Splinter's name being a parody of Daredevil's master Stick - culminate to an obvious parody of the Marvel title. However, TM...
Applies to: Daredevil Donatello Leonardo Michelangelo Raphael Splinter
Shinematic Seihaken
Hideo's team up attack (Shin Seihaken) is a recreation of the sequence of attacks @char=ryu1_stf@ and @char=ken_stf@ use to finish @char=mbison_stf@ in Street Fighter: The Animated Movie.
Applies to: Hideo Shimazu
Short People Ain't Got Nobody
Due to his short stature, all Critical Finish moves performed against Yoda in SoulCalibur IV are watered down to simply being a quick strike followed by a dramatically slowed down Unblockable.
Applies to: Yoda Soul Calibur 4
Sisters in Discontinuity?
According to the Tekken 6 art book, Tekken Tag Tournament was originally a canon game, and the character that eventually became Unknown was originally developed as Jun Kazama's sister. Since TTT eventually became a dream match, it is uncertain if this detail can be considered canon.

However, in TTT2, Jun actually becomes Unknown after...

Applies to: Jun Kazama Unknown Tekken Tag Tournament
Skill Lvl UP & Item... Taito x ?
Kaiser Knuckle (by all means the game known as Global Champion in the U.S. by Taito) is also the name of a recurring piece of equipment in the Final Fantasy games. It is usually a claw weapon used by the Monk class. It has so far appeared in FFV (as an accessory), in FFVI (for Sabin), FFVII (for Tifa), and in Dissidia (for Jecht).
Applies to: Jecht Tifa Lockhart Global Champion
Skullomania Mania
Our man Skullo appears somewhat inexplicably in the ASCII game Fighter Maker, retaining many of his animations verbatim from Street Fighter EX. Apparently he was licensed for some additional "star power."

He also appears as a playable character in Arika's own Playstation 2 rhythm game Technictix.

Applies to: Skullomania
Sky Stage Heroes
In January 2010, SNK Playmore released a vertical shooter game in arcades called KOF Sky Stage. Playable characters included Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, Terry Bogard, Mai Shiranui, Athena Asamiya, and Kula Diamond. Sky Stage was later released for Xbox LIVE Arcade.

An enhanced version of Sky Stage, Neo Geo Heroes: Ultimate Shooting for PSP, a...

Applies to: Akari Ichijo Athena Asamiya Iori Yagami Iroha Kula Diamond Kyo Kusanagi Mai Shiranui Marco Rossi Terry Bogard
Filia was the first character created during the development of Skullgirls. Multiple win poses were made for her, but the the rest of the cast only had one due to time/budget constraints. Filia's extra win poses were ultimately cut when Skullgirls was released for the Xbox Live and Playstation network. However, they were brought back with the 1.01 ...
Applies to: Filia
Sodomizing the Language
Sodom's Japanese win quotes are mangled Japanese phrases pronounced using English words--for instance "DIE JOB DEATH CAR?" is meant to be "daijobu desu ka?" (are you alright?). Others are more cryptic.
Applies to: Sodom
Sounds Familiar
Jam Kuradoberi's theme, Babel Nose, was remixed in the form of Litchi's theme, Oriental Flower.
Applies to: Jam Kuradoberi Litchi Faye-Ling
Based on a metallic suit he wore in the comics as well as episodes later aired in the Marvel Studios animated series, this version of Spider-Man has limited armor and jumps sightly lower than before due to the heaviness of his costume.
Applies to: Spider-Man (Super Armor)
Spinal Cord Decapitation
After his first defeat at Sub Zero's hands, Scorpion pleaded for mercy. Sub Zero showed none, and instead forcefully tore his head from his shoulders, leaving his spinal cord dangling.
Spin-offs Ahoy!
Despite Eternal Champions' mediocre popularity, it was at least popular enough to warrant two spin-off games: X-Perts for the Genesis starring Shadow Yamoto, and Chicago Syndicate with Larcen Tyler. Both games surrounded around the premise that the aforementioned character had survived the attempt on their respective lives that killed them in Etern...
Applies to: Larcen Tyler Shadow Yamoto
Spiritual Street Successor
Tiertex developed a number of ports of Street Fighter, mostly for home computers with prominence in the United Kingdom. Using the same basic engine, they developed Human Killing Machine as a sort of pseudo-sequel.
Applies to: Human Killing Machine Street Fighter
SS4 Cameos
@char=sieger_sas@, @char=genan_sas@, @char=earthquake_sas@, and @char=wanfu_sas@ have cameos in Samurai Shodown 4, all looking a little different than their last appearance.

Gen-an and Earthquake both appear in @char=genjuro_sas@'s ending, telling him to "come quietly, he calls for you." Who "he" is, we can't say (Ambrosia?). Genjuro dispatc...

Applies to: Earthquake Gen-an Shiranui Sieger Wan Fu Samurai Shodown 4
Stealth Cameo
Jin Fu-Ha appears in what passes for "Story" scenes in the Time Trial/Arcade Mode of The King of Fighters XII. Apparently a consultant for the Satella News Network, he's just chillin' at the newsdesk with his shirt off.
Applies to: Jin Fu-Ha King of Fighters 12, The
Street Fighter Rewriter
Though inadequate for any of the written parts of Street Fighter: The Movie, writer/director Steven E. de Souza was so impressed by Kenya Sawada's audition and martial arts prowess that he created the character Captain Sawada just for him.
Applies to: Sawada
Street Wombat
When it came time to bring @game=379@ to US shores, publisher Irem thought it better to sidestep the whole anime licensing thing (as well as the inevitable sex change shock scandal) and reworked all the graphics and sound. The resulting mess is Street Combat. Thankfully the sequel was left untouched for US release (and better built, to boot).
Applies to: Ranma 1/2: Chounai Gekitouhen Street Combat
Strike Down The Boskonovich
In Tekken Bowl, Dr. Boskonovich can be seen on the left side. If you are skilled enough, you can knock him down.
Applies to: Dr. Boskonovich Tekken Tag Tournament
Subtle in-game advertising
During the intro of Street Fighter the words graffited on the wall are all names of Capcom arcade games. From the top: [Legendary] Wings (1986), Section Z (1985), Avengers (1987), Trojan (1986) and Commando (1985).
Applies to: Street Fighter
Sumo Heaven
The Japan stage of KoF13 is absolutely packed with Sumo, and Hinako couldn't be happier.
Applies to: Hinako King of Fighters 13, The
SunA got you pushing too many pencils?
Best of Best's high score screen features what appears to be Arnold Schwarzenegger.

With crudely edited blue hair.

Applies to: Best of Best
Super Smash Beta
Masahiro Sakurai was working on a prototype for a four-player fighting game called Kakuto-Gemu Ryuoh (格闘ゲーム竜王, Fighting Game Dragon King) for Nintendo 64. Nintendo brass saw the project (which used at the time, generic, nondescript character models and a photo of the Japanese skyline as a background) and suggested adding Nintendo characters for enh...
Applies to: Super Smash Bros.
Support Our Robo Troops
Rocky is without a doubt the second player-character from SNK's 1991 beat 'em up Robo Army, but did you know the first player was named Maxima?!

This is all apparently a happy coincidence, as Maxima's KOF storyline mentions nothing about destroying an army of rogue robots a few years prior to meeting K'. Meanwhile, KOF-canon Rocky is more li...

Applies to: Maxima Rocky
Sweeter Than Honey
Hidden deep within the code of Sonic the Fighters/Championship is a completely finished character by the name of Honey. Honey is an anthropomorphic cat that is dressed identically to the Honey/Candy character in Fighting Vipers. This version of Honey, wearing her Player 2 colors, was actually first seen briefly in Sanman's portion of the Fighting V...
Applies to: Candy Sanman Fighting Vipers Sonic the Fighters

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