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Our expansive listing of random factoids about characters and games. If you know something we don't, feel free to submit it.

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Japan's Next J-Pop Idol
One of @char=athena_kof@'s King of Fighters '97 intros dons an outfit similarly worn to that of the famous Chisato Moritaka, one of the most popular female Japanese Pop idols to emerge out of the late 1980's and mid 1990's, which whom to this day still has a very strong following o...
Applies to: Athena Asamiya King of Fighters '97, The
Joe & Mac & Fighter's History
Towards the end of Joe & Mac Returns (a Bubble Bobble-style platform action game from Data East), you face a level full of SD Mizoguchis and another full of SD Karnovs. They attack with their moves from Fighter's History Dynamite complete with appropriately squeaky voice samples.

The score items dropped by defeated Karnovs are tiny Chelnovs....

Applies to: Chelnov Karnov Mizoguchi
Joint Venture
The Strider series was a collaborative creation of Capcom and manga development collective Moto Kikaku. Both parties must give approval before any work featuring Strider characters is produced (despite no Strider manga material having been published since the 1980's). Reportedly, it is this approval process that kept Hiryu out of Marvel vs. Capcom ...
Applies to: Strider Hiryu
Judo Ryoko
Ever wonder why there are a few fighting game judoka named Ryoko? They're all named after Ryoko Tani (née Tamura), one of the world's most popular and successful practitioners of the art.
Applies to: Rippling Ryoko Ryoko Ryoko Kano

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