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Players never get to face the villain behind the lame cloning plot of The King of Fighters M2, but the "Shadow Creature", as he is referred to, looks awfully familiar....
Applies to: K9999 King of Fighters M2, The
K9999 is in many ways (read: every way) a homage to Tetsuo Shima, a main character from the anime/manga AKIRA. The two characters even share the same voice actor (Nozomu Sasaki). It is widely suspected this connection led to K9999's replacement by the head-swap Nameless in KoF'02 Ultimate Match.
Applies to: K9999 Nameless King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match, The
Kanzaki Ryu Sto Ou Len
Karin's original debut was not in SFA3, but a Sakura side-story manga called Sakura Ganbaru by Masahiko Nakahira. This makes her the only character in all of SF not created by Capcom.
Applies to: Karin Kanzuki
Kanzuki Preview
Snooping through the spritesets of Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter reveal that Karin was supposed to appear in the game - about a year prior to her video game debut in Street Fighter Alpha 3. Her sprite here, however, is a head-and-feet swap of Sakura.
Applies to: Karin Kanzuki Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter
Karate Oxfighter
In Data East's genre-starting Karate Champ, a bonus stage involves striking a charging bull. This is most likely the origin of the bonus battle with Ox in Fighter's History Dynamite.

Credit must be given, however, to the true innovator of punching bulls, karate master Mas Oyama.

Applies to: Ox Fighter's History Dynamite
Karate Pimp
In Street Fighter 4, Rufus was originally designed as African-American with a fur-trimmed gi, gold necklace, and sneakers. The concept was ultimately scrapped in favor of the yellow-clad rotund fighter we know today. The attire was later used as Ken's alternate outfit.
Applies to: Ken Masters Rufus Street Fighter 4
Setsuna is accompanied by her spirit friend Karin, who has a mysterious tie to Ihadulca.
Her bio information is as follows:

Age: 16
Birthdate: September 2
Birthplace: Somewhere on Earth
Blood type: B
Height: 155 cm
Weight: 42 kg
Favorite Food: Chocolate Parfait
Likes: Setsuna
Dislikes: Those who are hostile to Set...

Applies to: Setsuna Saiduki
Kevin Fever
The first actual sequel to the original Street Fighter was actually Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight for the NES/Famicom. Contrary to urban legend, this was indeed a Street Fighter title in Japan, as well (known as 2010: Street Fighter, there), and it follows the character Kevin Striker across the galaxy to stop the evil scientist Dr. Jose.

Applies to: Ken Masters Street Fighter
Kicking Komparison
Although unrelated in any storyline way, @char=bristol1_pi@ and @char=olof_pi@ share a very similar look and moveset.
Applies to: Bristol Olof Linderoth
Killer Name
Seth's name was initially thought to have basis of his residency in Egypt (which turned out to be rumor), after the evil Egyptian deity Set/Seth. Another rumored name origin stems from the fact that he is essentially Abel's brother, and Seth was the name of the biblical Cain and Abel's brother. While this may hold some water in-universe, Seth is ac...
Applies to: Seth
Kin Yeo Final Fight
For the character Linghu Chong, Sofstar apparently edited the sprites of Carlos Miyamoto from Final Fight 2. Both the share a similar neutral stance, sheathed sword that hangs straight down, and even share a similar spinning sword slash animation.
Applies to: Linghu Chong
King of Poker, French Tour 2011
In the France stage of KOF13, you may be lucky enough to glimpse the '00 Team (Vanessa/Seth/Ramon) playing a game of cards at the right edge of the arena.
Applies to: Ramon Seth Vanessa King of Fighters 13, The
King's Orders (Be Just or Be Dead)
In the action-strategy Guilty Gear 2, Ky has become king of "Illyuria." He is no longer wielding his trademark sword Fuuraiken, as it's later revealed it's being used for another purpose--to keep his beloved in stasis so she doesn't fade out of existence.
This love of his life is a Gear referred to only as "the maiden of the grove." So, Dizzy. ...

Applies to: Dizzy Ky Kiske
Much of MK4's newcomer cast originally started as returning characters, but they were replaced by pastiches to give the cast more new faces. Of note is the replacing of Kitana with Tanya; either Kitana was replaced late in development, or Eurocom (the company responsible for the home ports) designed a palette swap of Kitana for the home versions th...
Applies to: Kitana Tanya Mortal Kombat 4
Kohaku on wall
Kohaku can be seen stuck on a wall on Miyako's stage. This stage can be fought after the G-Akiha battle in Story Mode depending on which route your playing. Kohaku did something that transformed Akiha into a giant. The plan was to stop Shiki. It is possible that G-Akiha is behind the whole thing when she realized that Kohaku's plan was a failure.
Applies to: Kohaku Melty Blood
Kori Powers
The ice powers that the Sub-Zeros and Frost command stem from an ancient people that once lived deep within Outworld. The younger Sub-Zero stumbled upon their ruins while searching for an appropriate burial ground for Frost. Its unknown if this plot point continues in the reboot.
Applies to: Frost Sub-Zero (II) Mortal Kombat: Deception
Kung Fu Story: Cancelled Sequel
After completing Kung Fu Chaos, Just Add Monsters worked on a sequel titled Kung Fu Story. Due to disappointing sales of Kung Fu Chaos, the project was ultimately scrapped. Just Add Monsters released two test footage, featuring what seems to be an updated design for the character Xiu Tan Sour, but beyond that little is known about the would-be sequ...
Applies to: Xui Tan Sour Kung Fu Chaos

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