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I didn't authorize this
In 1994, a hentai fighting game for Famicom was released called "AV Bishoujo Senshi Girl Fighting". It ripped off a bunch of popular female anime (and two fighting game) characters: Chun Li (who got to keep her name), Jean (Hinako Nimomiya), Sugico (Sailor Mercury), Ramma (female Ranma), Janifer (Sailor Mars), Vivian (Kodachi Kuno), Niny (Shampoo),...
Applies to: Bunny Chun-Li Hinako Ninomiya Kodachi Kuno Ranma Saotome (female) Sailor Mars Sailor Mercury Shampoo
I Don't Want to Release a Game
According to a WIRED article, the original Playstation 2 version of DOA2 was rushed and released incomplete when a Tecmo sales manager snuck a test copy away to the manufacturing line. Director Tomonobu Itagaki felt so betrayed he thought he would quit making games, and had to spend time at home drinking profusely while repeatedly watching the film...
Applies to: Dead or Alive 2
I Find Myself Looking Very Uncool
Masami Obari, the brains behind Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer (as well as numerous other anime) directed and did character design for the three Fatal Fury animated features.

"Legend of the Hungry Wolf" and "The Next Battle" more or less follow the plot of Fatal Fury 1 and 2 respectively, but the third film "The Motion Picture" goes into complete...

Applies to: Fatal Fury Fatal Fury 2 Fatal Fury Special Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer
I See Red People
One of the many player rumors about MK2 that was actually true was the random chance for Johnny to perform his Shadow Kick with red shadows, instead of green. Though the exact science behind it was never deduced in that game, both the red shadow kick and red shadow uppercut would become regular special moves in Mortal Kombat Trilogy.
Applies to: Johnny Cage Mortal Kombat 2 Mortal Kombat Trilogy
In the first Final Fantasy game, Garland, the first boss, was one and the same as the final boss, Chaos. In Dissidia, Garland is simply Chaos' right-hand man.
Applies to: Chaos Garland
I. AM. OZU!!
The name Kamen Rider Climax Heroes OOO takes its name from the newest (at the time) incarnation of Kamen Rider, dubbed Kamen Rider OOO (which is also the name of the show's hero). As Japan is no stranger to bizarre titles, the initial instinct to pronounce the title "Oooh" should be discarded. Instead, it's pronounced more like "Ozu" in Japanese (o...
Applies to: Kamen Rider OOO Kamen Rider: Climax Heroes OOO
Identity Cr-Ice-Is
Sub-Zero's original design name was Tundra. NetherRealm Studios would later recycle this name as the younger Sub-Zero's original codename prior to adopting his brother's mantle.
Applies to: Sub-Zero Sub-Zero (II)
If Boon can do it... why not?
Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada's father's name is Jinpachi.
Applies to: Jinpachi Mishima
Ikari Warriors
It's generally accepted that Ralf and Clark were the heroes of SNK's Ikari Warriors arcade series. However, in all USA story materials, the heroes are referred to as Paul and Vince. The earliest instance I've seen of the Warriors actually being called Ralf and Clark is the Japanese flier for Ikari 3.

It's possible Ikari 3 was a story reboot ...

Applies to: Clark Steel Ralf Jones
Interactive clock
If you adjust the clock settings on the Sega Saturn console, the clock on Kris stage will change.
Applies to: Kris Siratori Seifuku Densetsu: Pretty Fighter X
Into the Real World of Fake Wrestling
Sega's 1997 arcade wrestler "Zen Nippon Pro-Wrestling Featuring Virtua" stars Wolf Hawkfield and Jeffry McWild alongside a cast of real-life wrestling stars such as Giant Baba and a bunch of guys I've never heard of.
Applies to: Jeffry McWild Wolf Hawkfield
Iron Mike Bison
Though its old news now, Balrog's name in Japan is M. (for Mike) Bison a parody of the U.S. boxing legend, Mike Tyson. Fearing legal repercussions upon Street Fighter 2's release, his name was swapped with the final boss. For whatever reason, it was decided Vega sounded more like a Spaniard and Balrog sounded more like a Boxer, so further name sw...
Applies to: Balrog M. Bison Vega
It could be a coincidence...
For KOF '99, SNK's design staff got some fresh blood in the form of Psikyo's former fighting team "The Steel Hearts." I realize "big brown-haired guy in a bulky jacket sporting wrist-mounted artillery" is a pretty common fighting stereotype, but KOF's Maxima and Daraku Tenshi's Harry Ness are quite similar.
Applies to: Harry Ness Maxima
It's a Boon to be king.
Both Sonya and Tanya are named after MK series co-creator Ed Boon's sisters.
Applies to: Sonya Blade Tanya
It's In Their Heads
One of the stop-motion cutscenes in Boombots recycles a gag from Neverhood's previous title, Skullmonkeys. Both scenes involve an animal getting inside their victim through an opening in the head. The victims start to move uncontrollably, hit themselves in a vain attempt to dislodge the animal, and finally pass out.
Applies to: Boomer
Ivan The Unfinished Character
A character named Ivan was supposed to be added in the game, but was left out for unknown reasons. He can still be seen in the intro movie.
Applies to: Million KNights Vermilion

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