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Our expansive listing of random factoids about characters and games. If you know something we don't, feel free to submit it.

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Hair Metal
Millia is named after the metal band Meliah Rage. Her overdrive "Winger" and instant kill "Iron Maiden" both share their names with metal groups.

Another likely reference is her move "Iron Savior," which is close to Iron Saber, a Helloween side project--Helloween features in some other GG references.

Applies to: Millia Rage
Happy Birthday Len!
If you start the PC version of Melty Blood: Act Cadenza on 9/9, a special picture will appear featuring White Len and Len eating cake.
Applies to: Len White Len Melty Blood: Act Cadenza
Happy New Year!
Start Melty Blood: Act Cadenza (PC version) on 1/1 and you'll have Len and White Len on the screen dressed in their Kimono outfit. Neko-Arc is there as well with some unusual clothing.
Applies to: Len Neko-Arc White Len Melty Blood: Act Cadenza
Have We Seen Him Before?
Gene Sovo, the fight performer who portrayed Pakawa, previously played the role of Ermoke, one of Blue Duck's henchmen in the 1989 television mini-series Lonesome Dove.
Applies to: Pakawa
Heart of Steel
In Last Blade 2, Shigen is accompanied by his daughter Kotetsu. She can be made "playable" by entering a code and selecting Shigen, but it's simply an elaborate joke intro pose (Shigen comes out and pushes her aside).
Applies to: Shigen
Heaven or Hell? I dunno
While he looks a little bit like Billy Idol, Chipp is named after Chipp Z'nuff, the bassist for rock band Enuff Z'nuff. One of their songs is titled "Heaven or Hell," GG's prefight announcer callout.
Applies to: Chipp Zanuff
Helena Cosplay
One of Helena's costumes resembles Reina from "Deception III: Dark Delusion", a game developed by Tecmo.
Applies to: Helena Douglas Dead or Alive 2
Her Majesty's Secret Substitution
"Yuri is a disciple of Kyokugen Karate but her appearances in the KOF series are frequently as a member of the women fighters' team. Originally in KOF '94 there was no such team and production began on King Billy Big Bear as the English team. But Art of Fighting 2 was completed at that time and the designers pressed to put Yuri into KOF, replacing...
Applies to: Yuri Sakazaki Art of Fighting 2
Here Come The Judge
The lovely ladies handing out SF3's random arbitrary judgments are, as pictured from left to right:
Lilly, Tonfa, Julia, Tonli, Anna, Rifa, Fair Libra, Effie.

Applies to: Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
Hidden Chameleon
The Genesis version of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 has Chameleon tucked away in the coding. Obviously unfinished, he has Scorpion's sprites, no special moves, no finishing moves, and the only combos he has are jump-in combos. Using the 1 button Finishing Moves cheat gives him access to a Stage Fatality and Scorpion's Friendship. If certain Fatalities ...
Applies to: Chameleon Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
How Come Everybody Wanna Keep It Like the Kaizer?
After beating all the playable characters in Burning Fists you're treated to a brief cinema of a non-existant boss, Kaizer. The apparently incomplete Kaizer was most likely hacked out of the game by Good Deal in order to get it working (such as it is).

Bonus videos on the game disc reveal a similarly cut animated intro and character endings ...

Applies to: Burning Fists: Force Striker
It's well known that Hugo is a pastiche of Andre the Giant. Alex seems to have something going on with him in regards to Hulk Hogan. Alex and Hugo have a special into together in SF3: Third Strike, that mirrors the legendary sizing up provocation between Andre and Hulk.
Applies to: Alex Hugo Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
Humble Beginnings
Karnov's first appearance was in Karnov (1987), a side-scrolling arcade platformer. A circus strongman famous for spitting fireballs, he hunts for the Treasure of Babylon and matches wits with the likes of Yoda in a Nest and Dancing Green Fish Guy With a Bag and a Hand Down His Pants, to name only two. The "Ladder" in his bio is likely a reference...
Applies to: Karnov

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