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The Sharp X68000 (often abbreviated X68 or X68k), a Japanese home computer first released in 1987.

X68000 History

Fatal Fury
Released 1993.

Fatal Fury 2
Released 1993.

Queen of Duellist, The
Released 6/1993.

Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition
Released 6/12/1993.

Fatal Fury Special
Released 1994.

Asuka 120% BURNING Fest.
Released 4/22/1994.

Queen of Duellist Gaiden Alpha Plus, The
Released 7/29/1994.

Super Street Fighter 2
Released 09/1994.

Goddess' Blazon
Released 1995.

Vagrant Fighter FX

Karou Densetsu Honban
Released 1997.

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