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Apple Macintosh, for self-important audio producers and artists

Macintosh History

Battle Beast
Released 1995.

V.G. Perfect Collection (Variable Geo)
Released 11/26/1996. Compilation release.

V.G. Perfect Collection (V.G. II)
Released 11/26/1996. Compilation release.

Untouchable, The
Released 11/1998.

Irem Arcade Hits (Superior Soldiers)
Released 11/3/2013. Compilation release


Skullgirls Encore (Skullgirls)

Battle High 2

Kings of Kung Fu

Indie Game Battle

Clash of the Monsters

Blade Strangers

Pray For Death

Shovel Knight Showdown

Combat Core

Flat Form Fighter
Released 04/30/2019. Early access.

Fantasy Strike

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