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Details vary widely from game to game, but in general a meter filled by various actions that can be expended for enhanced special moves.

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Super Meter History

Special Meter (Darkstalkers)
Filled by any type of attack, although specials add the most meter. Slowly drains after a few moments not attacking. When full the meter activates and starts draining; your normal attacks are slig

Hero Meter (World Heroes Perfect)

Slam Dragon
Meter is filled by taking damage and taunting. Retains charge between rounds.

Super Power Gauge (Ninja Master's)
Gain meter when hitting opponent (blocked or clean).

Chi Meter (Dynasty Warriors)
Filling this meter up is one way to grant the player access to Musou attacks. Positive actions (attacking, parry, redirect, or winning weapons clash, or dashing in) increase your meter. Negative actio

King of Fighters '97, The

Endorphin Meter (Fighting Fury)

Magic Meter (Barbarian)
The Magic meter is filled by attacking. Push attacks, ranged attacks, and runes all consume the magic meter.

Ultimate Gauge (Super DragonBall Z)
Ultimate Gauge determine the availability of super attacks. The bars are built by getting hit, landing an attack, and using special moves. The maximum number of super bars that can be filled is three.

Bleach: The Blade of Fate

Heat Meter (BlazBlue)
Naturally gained by landing and taking attacks, Heat begins to increase on its own once your life grows critical.

PP (Type: Wild)
PP or "Power Points" dictate the use of Super Moves. 100 PP is required to pull off a Super. PP functions like a typical Super Meter in Type: Wild, which is completely the opposite of how it works in

Mortal Kombat (2011)
Mortal Kombat features a segmented Super Meter. Level 1 allows Enhanced Special (ES) Moves to be performed, Level 2 allows combo Breakers, and Level 3 provides access to X-Ray Moves, the game's Super

Skill Points (Persona 4: Arena)
In tradition with the Persona role-playing game series, Skill Points (abbreviated as SP) was a meter that was depleted whenever special skills are used. In P4:Arena, this gauge behaves similar to a su

Dramatic Tension (Skullgirls)
Basically Skullgirls' equivalent of a Super Meter. Meter is gained from attacking, blocking, and taking damage. This meter can be spent for using Stunt Doubles, Outtake, Co-Star Combos, and Blockbuste

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