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Involving precise timing and risk, defense becomes more effective.

Precision Defense History

Parry/Redirect (Dynasty Warriors)
Parry and redirect are assigned their own buttons. Parries are used to deflect slash attacks. Redirect deflects thrusts. With good timing, the player will increase Chi and leave an adversary open for

Just Defend (Garou: Mark of the Wolves)
A perfectly timed block negates frame disadvantage.

Recoil Guard (Eternal Fighter Zero: Memorial)
By blocking with precise timing, you negate chip damage, blockstun, and pushback. If you use this opportunity to attack, your opponent can cancel their attack into a Recoil Guard of their own, known a

Parry (Capcom Fighting Evolution)
Street Fighter 3 Only.

Agility Defense (Hokuto no Ken)
Blocking at the last moment reduces blockstun, provides a meter bonus, and negates fully charged Banishing Strikes.

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