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A technique to end the match instantly regardless of your opponent's remaining life. May require opponent to be dizzy, or at least extremely foolish.

Instant Kill History

Bushido Blade 2
No visible health meter is present in this game. The first mistake could be your last, because all it takes is one blow to be defeated.

Deadly Fist Blow / Ichigeki Hissastu Ougi (Hokuto no Ken)
Characters have "seven stars of the Hokuto" which are depleted when they are hit by certain attacks. Once all your opponent's stars are depleted, you can perform the Deadly Fist Blow which will instan

Critical Finishes (Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny)

Decapitation (Deadliest Warrior)
A lucky strike to the neck or head can instantly decapitate a foe.

Persona 4: Arena
If the player is at match point, accumulated at least 100 SP, and able to use their Persona, they are able to finish off an opponent regardless of remaining health.

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