Gameplay (Terminology)

The game features an extensive single-player game which uses the "fighting mode" as a means of conflict resolution. Other minigames may abound, and character growth (as in an RPG) may occur.

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Adventure Mode History

Edge Master Mode (Soul Blade)
Players traipse about a map following the story and engaging opponents with special conditions like poison, or throws only. Primary method of unlocking weapons.

Quest Mode (Tobal No. 1)
In Quest Mode, players explore dungeon floors, avoid, traps, and use various items to help them on their quest. Items can be found the floor, dropped by enemies, or bought using crystals. Potions can

Tobal 2

Subspace Emissary (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

DragonBall Z: Infinite World

Soul Calibur 5

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