Gameplay (Terminology)

Instead of super "move", players can use their meter to activate a super "mode" of play that alters character moves, parameters, or other conditions.

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Super Mode History

Ibuki (Ninja Master's)
With full Super Gauge, @term=abtn@+@term=bbtn@+@term=cbtn@ activates a timed Hyper mode in which you can perform any EX, Super, Desperation, or Finisher without restrictions.

Dark Force (Vampire Savior)
Costs 1 level of super to activate and temporarily bestows a character specific perk, such as increased speed/damage, additional on-screen help, or outright move list modifications.

Counter Mode (King of Fighters '99, The)
At the expense of all three super stocks, Counter Mode offers increased offensive power, juggling capabilities, special to super cancels and infinite super use temporarily.

Super Saiyan (Super DragonBall Z)
Characters of Saiyan heritage (Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, and Trunks) can transform into a Super Saiyan at the cost of a super bar. In this state, their attack damage and priorty will improve. Ki blasts bec

Elemental Overdrive (Battle High 2)

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