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Fight-A-Base Gameplay

2D Gameplay
Gameplay design in which the action takes on a flat plane (only X and Y movement are relevant to gameplay).

3D Movement
Characters can move freely in all 8 directions without facing their opponents direction at all times.

Adventure Mode
The game features an extensive single-player game which uses the "fighting mode" as a means of conflict resolution. Other minigames may abound, and character growth (as in an RPG) may occur.

Air Block
A universal method of defense while jumping or otherwise air borne. Exact rules vary wildly from game to game.

Air Dash
Dashes that can be performed in mid-air.

Air Recovery
Characters possess the ability to recover from a "knockdown" state while in mid-air.

Air Throw
Throws can be performed in the air by all members of the cast.

Air Turn
Ability to turn around in mid-air.

Attribute Select
Players can modify the performance of their characters to a certain degree before the battle.

A form of mobility consisting of a quick backwards hop.

Basic Moves
Ordinary moves that require minimal effort to execute.

Battle Damage
Characters display persistent damage in realtime, either as cuts and bruises to their person or the gradual destruction of their clothes.

Battle Royale
More than two combatants duke it out simultaneously, free-for-all or on teams.

Bloodline Battle
If both players taunt simultaneously, a test of reflexes is initiated (buttons must be pressed as instructions flash onscreen). The loser will take damage.

Bonus Games
Periodic breaks in single player mode that are more tests of skill or knowledge than actual competition.

Boost Dash
A method of forward dashing capable of cancelling normal attacks, for increased combo potential. Relies on a meter.

A technique to blow off pressure even while in hit- or blockstun. Can often be used offensively in some capacity.

Some levels have a ceiling which a character will rebound off of when juggled too high.

Chained Normals
Basic attacks can be chained or linked together in often predetermined patterns to create combos and strings.

Charge Specials
As opposes to instant use EX moves, characters are able to charge ordinary special moves (usually by holding a button) to make them stronger or more effective.

Attacks will "clash" and cancel out, usually when only the attack portions of their hitboxes overlap.

Command Moves
Similar to a basic move but requires some degree of special input.

Create A Character
Players can create their custom variants of existing characters or original characters to use.

Critical Hit
Moves randomly "critical," resulting in broken guard or extra damage.

Custom Combos
Generally at the cost of super meter, players can string attacks together rapidly and repeatedly to create their own unique super attacks.

Quick method of forward movement over a predetermined distance.

Desperation Moves
Super moves that are dependent on life, rather than some sort of extraneous meter or condition.

Loss of limbs or other body parts occurs during gameplay, altering a character's abilities.

The ability to dodge into the "background" to avoid attacks. Vulnerable to throws.

Double Jump
The vast majority or all of the game's cast is capable of jumping a second time in mid-air.

Dress Up
The player can purchase and equip various costume items, auras, color swaps, etc.

Dynamic Music
The state of a battle is reflected in the game's soundtrack, typically by an increase in the music's tempo as character's life approaches empty.

Endless Arena
Battle stages have no walls (invisible or otherwise) or ring-out areas; the stage scrolls endlessly in any direction.

EX Moves
Certain special moves can be performed with more hits, more damage, different effects, etc (usually by expending part of a meter).

Expanding Stages
Arenas may begin small but open up during the match (as walls are broken down, for instance).

Fake Dizzy
Players can fake a dizzy or stunned state to try and decieve the opponent.

Fatal Moves
A type of move that ends a match, usually violently. Often just a cinematic conclusion in place of a more traditional win pose.

Characters are universally capable of free movement in the air.

Guard Cancel
Ability to cancel your block with a special attack.

Guard Crush
Blocking too many attacks in succession will result in your guard breaking momentarily (and probably leave you unable to guard at all for a few moments). Typically, but not always, visible in meter f

Dangerous obstacles or effects not caused by players pose danger to everyone's life meters.

Instant Kill
A technique to end the match instantly regardless of your opponent's remaining life. May require opponent to be dizzy, or at least extremely foolish.

ISM Select
Players have access to different modes which substantially alter their gameplay options, and may in some cases alter movelists slightly.

Item Moves
Elements of characters customization can supplement character movelists.

Various items exist for the players to use, either littering the arena at the start of the match or appearing periodically throughout. These items can range from bonus points to food (life restoratio

Juggling (heavy)
Fighters can score extra blows pretty much any time their opponents are airborne.

Juggling (light)
Fighters can score extra blows on each other while falling through the air, but usually only after specific moves or in certain situations.

Level Up
Characters gain strength in different attributes or moves during single play. Saved characters can be used in versus mode.

Life Recovery
Players can recover some life meter either through regeneration or a universal command.

Rather than a traditional round-based system, winning a match is done by depleting the opponents stock of "lives."

Manual Charging
The super meter can be charged manually by the player, although this action typically leaves your character open to attack.

Mash Event
A mid-battle situation where both players are forced to rapidly mash button(s) against each other.

Metered Specials
The effectiveness of special moves is tied to a meter--moves become less powerful as the meter is drained.

Move Charge
Charge up special moves for a more dramatic effect.

Multiple Planes
A mechanism for artificial Z-movement in 2D games, the action takes place on multiple "planes" which players can travel between at will.

No Blocking
This most basic staple of fighting game defense is not available.

No Mirror Matches
Multiple players cannot select the same character during a given match.

Precision Defense
Involving precise timing and risk, defense becomes more effective.

Projectile Deflection
With skillful timing, projectile attacks can be deflected back to their senders by blocking.

Projectile Destruction
Attacks or other methods to nullify projectiles.

Pursuit Attack
A special command to attack a downed opponent when they would be otherwise untouchable.

Push Block
While actively blocking attacks, the player may enter a command to cause the opponent to be pushed back some distance.

Rage Gauge
A meter that fills when characters take damage. Attacks will receive bonus damage proportional to the amount of "rage" built up. At full strength, super moves may be available. A full bar will retu

Ring Out
Possible to win by knocking your opponent out of the ring, as an alternative to depleting their health bar.

Ring Out Return
Characters are able to grasp a ring edge and pull themselves back in from certain doom.

An ability which typically consists of rolling forward or back a short distance while avoiding any attacks. Vulnerable to throws.

Roman Cancel
By expending a resource, players can cancel the recovery of a move.

A fast form of forward movement where the player has full control over distance travelled. More often than not, games with Run use backdash as the backwards form of fast movement.

Short Jump
Characters are able to execute a shorter than usual jump, usually by quickly tapping an upwards direction.

Special Moves
A more effective type of move that requires a special combination of button and/or directional inputs to execute.

Speed Select
Players can drastically speed up or slowdown the pace of battle.

Stage Fatalities
The ability to send your foe to a gruesome fate at (or as) the conclusion to a battle.

Stage Transitions
Players can travel (often forcibly) from one region of the arena to another with different dimensions or conditions.

Stance Change
All characters are able to shift stances, allowing for altered normals.

Steal a Move
After defeating an opponent, you can learn one of their special moves, Megaman style.

Stress Scream
Player is invulnerable but immobile for a moment while 'rage' is vented upon filling a super meter.

Possible to call in other characters as support attackers.

String Move
A series of basic moves initiated by sequential button presses.

Stun Gauge
A character's progression towards a "dizzy" state is visible on-screen.

Stun Targets
Characters have unique locations (commonly indicated by a signature clothing item or accessory) that must be struck to cause stun. A weakened target will begin to flash when it's about to break.

Style Select
Characters have two or more "modes" which consist of substantially different movelists.

Sudden Death
A match is not instantly decided when time is up; rather some other variable occurs to hurry the players up.

Super Arts Select
Before the match, players select an "active" super from a list of several.

Super Cancel
Ability to cancel super attacks into other super attacks without the use of a "custom combo" type mode.

Super Crouch
Characters can crouch extremely low to the ground to avoid fireballs.

Super Defense
A form of defense that nullifies all tick damage at the cost of super meter.

Super Desperation Moves
A technique involving both super meter and life meter requirements.

Super Jump
Characters can make a more dramatic leap than normal, commonly by pressing the joystick in a downwards direction just before executing the jump.

Super Meter
Details vary widely from game to game, but in general a meter filled by various actions that can be expended for enhanced special moves.

Super Mode
Instead of super "move", players can use their meter to activate a super "mode" of play that alters character moves, parameters, or other conditions.

Super Moves
A move that bears an additional cost or other requirements to execute.

Tag Battle
Battles take place between teams of two or more characters, players may "tag out" and change the active character.

Tag/Team Move
Moves only applicable in certain tag or other team based situations.

Taunt (benefit)
Taunting is beneficial to you in some way, either by causing an increase in your own ability (attack parameters/power meter, etc) or reducing your opponent's.

Taunt (detriment)
Taunting results in a handicap to yourself, either a reduction of your own ability (reduced parameters/meter, discarded weapon, etc) or an increase in the opponents' ability. Lower yourself to their l

Taunt (no effect)
Tease or entice your opponent (no real effect on gameplay).

Team Battle
Battles take place in elimination format between teams of two or more characters. Between rounds, some or all of the winner's life may be refilled.

Tech Roll
An escape roll that can be performed by a knocked-down character as soon as he hits the ground.

Throw Escape
Characters posess the ability to escape from a throw, taking no damage.

Throw Moves
Throwing, slamming, and other grapple type moves used at close range. Can often be escaped or outright reversed.

Throw Reversals
Allows players to reverse being thrown and perform one of their own.

Throw Soften
Players posess the ability to recover from being thrown and reduce damage taken.

Can negate or reduce knockdows with moves timed to your landing.

Unlockable Moves
Additional moves can be added to the default character moves lists by way of additional game modes or other unlocking schemes.

Wake Up Options
Ability to remain grounded after a knockdown and rise or "wake" up with universal attack or escape moves.

Characters fight in environments where the surrounding walls can be used to assist in pummeling their foes.

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