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A type of move that ends a match, usually violently. Often just a cinematic conclusion in place of a more traditional win pose.

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Fatal Moves History

Ninja Master's
With full Super Gauge and the opponent's life in Desperation state, a unique super attack can be performed.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy


Critical Finish (Soul Calibur 4)
An extravagant, flashy finishing maneuver activated when the opponent is Soul Crushed.

Astral Heat (BlazBlue)
Only accessible with 100% Heat during the final round on opponent's with little health, these attacks provide an (often extraordinarily) dramatic finish to the bout.

Astral Heat (BlazBlue: Continuum Shift)
In order to gain access to Astral heat, the player must be one round away from winning the much, have 100% Heat Gauge, one Break Burst available, and opponent has below 35% health. Once these conditi

Fatal Strike (Deadliest Warrior)
A cinematic finishing move that is triggered when your opponent's health is blinking and you strike with a Special Attack.

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