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Super moves that are dependent on life, rather than some sort of extraneous meter or condition.

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Desperation Moves History

Crazy Death Blow (World Heroes Perfect)
Supers can be executed when the life bar is low and flashing. With a full Hero bar, you'll spend the meter and perform an enhanced version of the super.

S. Power (Real Bout Fatal Fury)

Ninja Master's
Can be performed infinitely when a player is down to the last 1/4 of life meter.

Bloody Roar

S. Power (Real Bout Fatal Fury Special)

S. Power (Real Bout Fatal Fury 2)

Final Memory (Eternal Fighter Zero: Memorial)
Each character has a super that can only be performed when their life bar is low and flashing.

King of Fighters M2, The

Fatal Fury Mobile

Ultra Combos (Street Fighter 4)
The Revenge meter increases as you take damage. When its at least half full, your Ultra Combo can be used. Its strength increases based on the meter's level.

Ultra Combo (Super Street Fighter 4)

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