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Upgrade to the original CPS chipset, and Capcom's most prominent Arcade hardware.

CPS2 History

Super Street Fighter 2
Released 9/10/1993.

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
Released 2/23/1994.

Released 6/30/1994.

Ring of Destruction: Slammasters II
Released 8/8/1994.

X-Men: Children of the Atom
Released 12/8/1994.

Night Warriors
Released 3/2/1995.

Released 4/20/1995.

Street Fighter Zero (Japan) (Street Fighter Alpha)
Released 6/1/1995.

Marvel Super Heroes
Released 10/31/1995.

Street Fighter Alpha 2
Released 2/27/1996.

X-Men vs Street Fighter
Released 9/9/1996.

Vampire Savior
Released 5/19/1997.

Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter
Released 7/1/1997.

Pocket Fighter
Released 9/4/1997.

Vampire Hunter 2
Released 9/13/1997. JPN-only

Vampire Savior 2
Released 9/13/1997. JPN-only

Street Fighter Alpha 3
Released 6/29/1998.

Marvel vs Capcom
Released 3/25/1999.

Hyper Street Fighter 2
Released 12/22/2003. Final official game to run on the CPS2 hardware.

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