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A technique involving both super meter and life meter requirements.

Super Desperation Moves History

Hidden Desperation Moves (Fatal Fury 3)
When the match starts, press Start+ABCD as the screen displays "GO!" and your character's name will turn green to indicate Hidden Desperations are now available. Your name will flash when the condi

P. Power (Real Bout Fatal Fury)

P. Power (Real Bout Fatal Fury Special)

Musou Attacks (Dynasty Warriors)
Each character has a Musou Slash and Musou Thrust attack, powerful auto-combo moves. They can be used when the Chi Meter is full or when the character's remaining life bar turns red. Filling both requ

King of Fighters '97, The

P. Power (Real Bout Fatal Fury 2)

Exceed Moves (SVC Chaos: SNK vs Capcom)

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