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Death To Venum!!
Storyline of Revengers of Vengeance
Long ago and far away, there lies the Impossible World, a fantastic land of wondrous creatures and societies. Here, grotesque, quasi-human beasts live in harmony with the most developed of cultures. The idyllic splendor of the Impossible World is without rival.

Then came Venum, a dark and sinister demon of incredible power, bent on destroying the Impossible World and populating it with his dancing, cackling minions of evil. His demonic hordes swept all before them, and cowed the Impossible World's bravest heroes.

But Venum's conquest is not yet complete, and in his destructive frenzy he has wronged many. Some of these victims--survivors of Venum's gruesome reign of terror--want to even the score. Even now they lie in wait, training for the moment when all of the injustices of Venum's oppression will be avenged. They call themselves Revengers. If they can break his evil grip, life in the Impossible World can move forward into broad, sunlit uplands.

Now, follow the Revengers on an incredible journey of combat that can only end when Venum himself lies crumpled in a bloody, defeated heap. Experience first-hand all of the realities of daily life in a fantastic realm--some glorious and enlightening, some squalid and ghastly! Learn the true extent of Venum's tyranny and feel your hatred for his cancerous oppression grow into an unyielding rage that demands VENGEANCE!!!


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