Goku (DragonBall Z: Infinite World)
You know you can't beat ME!

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Operation BHA
Storyline of Black Hole Assault
Earth - 2160
It's been 40 years since our victory in the Akirovian Wars and our military might is more powerful than ever.

Thanks to volumes of top-secret information captured from the defeated Akirovs, Earth is the sole possessor of the Cybernetic Anthromorphic Machine (code name: C.A.M.)- the most lethal weapon in the universe.

Yet as we approach the 23rd Century, the planet is on the verge of extinction. Life-giving resources are dwindling at an alarming rate. Our rivers have dried up, food is scarce and once-abundant precious minerals are nowhere to be found. If we don't replenish our dwindling raw materials quickly, Earth will surely parish...and the C.A.M. will fall into the wrong hands.

In desperate search of resources, exploratory missions have been launched toward the far reaches of the galaxy. But something has gone awry. One by one, our interplanetary probes are mysteriously disappearing.

We have reason to believe the Akirovs have broken the treaty and are once again on the warpath.

Mother Earth needs a new hero. You're the only one we've got to pilot the C.A.M. What's going on out there? Who or what is thwarting our plans to save the planet from total devastation?

You, C.A.M.rad, are the only hope.

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