Orchid (Killer Instinct (2013))
Target spotted. This should be quick.

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Twin Goddesses Ending
Storyline of Twin Goddesses
The power of LOVE has now overthrown the evil spirit of the witch CARMILLA. She has been transformed a kindhearted beautiful goddess.

Her fate along with that of her accomplices, is now to cover the whole universe with Love. Together, they fly off to faraway skies as six asserting lights.

Peace is rekindled in LOVERADIANT and the castle is radiant once again. The spirit of LOVE has reentered peoples' hearts.

NINA and SYLLIN pledge to the almighty god ZEUS that they will reign over the land of LOVERADIANT, succeeding the will of their deceased father KING LOVERADIANT III.

The people of LOVERADIANT come to call their princesses TWIN GODDESSES.

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