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Bushido Blade 2
Storyline of Bushido Blade 2
Some 800 years ago, on the island of Konoshima, in Seto Naikai, the island sea of Japan, there existed two feudal clans, the Kagami and the Sue (Soo-eh). There was harmony on that island as both clans were allied with the same Daimyo, or feudal lord. As chance would have it, a war broke out on the mainland, drawing both clans to the aid of their Daimyo. Unfortunately, the war did not go well for them, and both clans found themselves on the losing side. Faced with insurmountable odds, the Sue chose to remain loyal to their Daimyo whereas the Kagami decided to ally themselves with the winning side. This betrayal marked the beginning of a feud that would last for centuries as the Sue were defeated by the enemy and their former ally, the Kagami.

Stripped of their land the clan's sacred sword, Yugiri, the remnants of the Sue fled to the mainland where they re-established themselves and nursed theri hatred of the treacherous Kagami. The passing centures saw many clashes between the former allies as they strived to destroy each other.

Eventually, the Kagami established a secret school for assassins called the Narukagami Shinto School, and the Sue Family created the Shainto, resulting in secretive battles that were as intense as any battles occuring on the open battlefield.

Now, 800 hundred years later and in the present, the warriors of the Shainto begin their campaign to bring the an ient feud to an end by commencing the assault on theri hated enemy. The first target is the Meikyokan, Narukagami headquarters. Their intent is to retrieve their stolen Sacred Sword. Realizing the Shainto's plan, Narukagami quickly sent for reinforcements. And so begins what would be the final battle between the two clans...

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