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Primal Rage
Storyline of Primal Rage
Eons ago, before humans walked the planet, there was rage. Life on Earth was complex, as were the instincts of the planet's life forms. In order to grow and multiply, there was a delicate balance between the desperate need to protect one's own life and the need to feed off the life energy of the others. As these instincts evolved, so did the gods.

These gods embodied the spirits of Hunger and Survival, Life and Death, Insanity and Decay, and especially, Good and Evil. They took the form that most suited their needs and fought countless battles on the primordial frontiers of the Earth. Life on Earth slowly multiplied, and the gods became more powerful and their battles more intense. When life had spread to all corners of the Earth, the skies shook and the Earth trembled with the fevered pitch of the god's battles.

Dinosaurs were the dominant animals on land, and great forests covered almost all available space. New life forms evolved at a rapid rate, and civilizations emerged.

Then the delicate balance was disrupted. Balsafas, a great wizard from a parallel dimension, recognized the threat Earth would soon pose to the rest of the galaxy. To stop the threat, he planned to destroy the balance between the gods. Lacking the power to kill a god outright, he instead banished one to an isolated rock tomb in the center of the moon. This caused an immediate disturbance in the balance of power, followed by a huge explosion that blanketed the Earth with a huge cloud of volcanic dust. Most of the life on the planet died, and the surviving gods were sent into suspended animation.

Now, millions of years later, a meteor collides with Earth, and its destructive fury rearranges the continents and destroys the cities. Humans survive, but technology is wiped out. The fury of the Cataclysms is enough to awaken the imprisoned gods. The gods emerge to find the Earth they knew is gone. It is now the new Urth. The gods are awake, and they are angry. Get ready for Rage!

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