Morrigan Aensland (Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite)
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Transcending history and the world, A tale of souls and swords; eternally retold.
Chronicles of the Sword
Soul Calibur V
Soul Edge
Soul Calibur
Soul Calibur 2
Soul Calibur 3
Soul Calibur IV
Soul Edge
(During 1572)
The Tale of the Legendary Weapon:
Soul Edge

(as told by bosun Wm. Bones at the Fairweather Inn. 1572)

KNOW THIS; these whispered tales of a sword that can cut the very heavens asunder are true! This Soul Edge exists! Many have tried to possess this legendary weapon but all have fallen to a horrible fate. Vercci, the Italian weapon merchant sought out the blade and you know of his grisly end! His agent, the pirate Cervantes de Leon was last said to possess the sword and has not been seen since! That blade is cursed as sure as I sit here! Bewarned, ye are not the only one on this quest! Ten wariors from around the globe seek the blade for their own desires. For some, Soul Edge is their key to salvation; for others, their route to damnation. None of them will back down without a fight! Only the stout of heart and strong of arm can survive. Heed my warnings! They say to hold Soul Edge is to possess true power, but ye cannot hold on to it and your own soul at the same time...


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