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Transcending history and the world, A tale of souls and swords; eternally retold.
Chronicles of the Sword
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Soul Edge
Soul Calibur
Soul Calibur 2
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Soul Calibur 3
Chosen by history, a man becomes a hero.
Engraved into history, a hero becomes a legend.
--14th century troubadour song

Transcending history and the world, a tale of swords and souls, eternally retold.
--A story from the end of the Middle Ages, author unknown

Some called it the ultimate sword. Some described it as a demon sword in which a powerful spiritual power dwelt. Some said it was the sword of heroes, the savior of kingdoms... Numerous rumors and legends surrounded Soul Edge, but its true nature was that of a cursed sword that devoured human souls.

It was originally a single sword created by the hand of man. It was merely a warrior's tool, possessing no will of its own. But the sword bathed in the blood and hatred of countless battles throughout its dark history, and eventually came to emit an evil aura. It learned to devour souls as it rent the flesh of men, and its power steadily increased.

In one age, a hero acquired Soul Edge. With his iron will, he controlled the sword freely and brought peace to the violent land. He was revered as a king.

In any age, however, there are those who resent great men. The one who took Soul Edge out of envy was none other than the king's own son. Sadly, his soul stolen, he became a puppet to the sword's dark will. The king fought against his son. At the end of their fearsome battle, the king's desperate blow shattered Soul Edge, but also took the life of his son.

When the chaos subsided, the source of the conflict, Soul Edge, had disappeared.

The king was tormented by remorse. Most would have submitted to the overwhelming grief, but the king did no such thing. The abominable Soul Edge would certainly appear again, bringing tragedy with it.

This ill omen steeled the king's resolve. For the sake of the world as well as his own redemption, he vowed to create a holy sword that could fight against the evil blade's powers. With the aid of the greatest sage of the era, the king began work on his grand plan.

Purifying fragments of the cursed sword that he still had, the king finally succeeded in creating the holy sword, Soul Calibur. But it cost him his life.

A sect of guardians was created to carry out the late king's will. These guardians lived in seclusion, passing down the sword secretly from generation to generation in preparation for the day when Soul Edge would unleash its fury. Each time the sword fell into the hands of powerful warriors and those with evil intentions, Soul Calibur appeared to prevent the cursed weapon from committing unspeakable atrocities.

Stories of the never-ending struggle between the two swords were passed on from one generation to another, giving birth to countless legends and fairy tales.

Time passed, and it was now the end of the sixteenth century.

Over the long years, the two swords had increased their power. Now, they had appeared once again upon the stage of history.

During the course of their conflict, Soul Edge was shattered and Soul Calibur was contaminated with evil energy. The will of the cursed sword appeared to have burned out, but in reality, it had merely been reduced to a smoldering ember. The life of the holy sword, too, was thought to have withered and died, but it was quietly burbling like a spring at the bottom of a deep abyss. Even now, the ancient swords were awaiting the chance to regain their true power.

There was a young knight who had been controlled not merely once but several times by the evil sword. When he broke that curse and stabbed through the heart of the cursed weapon with the holy sword, the gears of fate began to creak into motion. A new page would soon be written in the tale of the two swords, opposite in power and bound by destiny...

Hear with your ears the best things; look upon them with clear-seeing thought, for decision between the two Beliefs, each man for himself before the Great consummation, bethinking you that it be accomplished to our pleasure.



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