Johnny Cage (Mortal Kombat 11)
Shanga Langa Ding Dong.

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Power Instinct Legends
(During 1994)
Otane Goketsuji, leader of the Goketsuji clan, was kidnapped. A new tournament was held to find a successor. Otane managed to arrive at the tournament to defend her title as clan leader against the winner of the tournament. Unfortunately to Otane, she was too tired to fight and was defeated by Kokuin Kanji!

After his victory in the Goketsuji tournament, Kanji taught that would be fun to test the strength of the Goketsuji family members, so he invited them for a new tournament.

"Welcome to the Goketsuji Clan friendly Exhibition Match! As a special guest, I have invited the strongest and most powerful man in the world. Surely none from the Goketsuji clan will be defeated by such an outsider.

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