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Groove on Fight
(During 2015)
The weak shouldn't pronounce the name Gouketsuji.

The Gouketsuji family is the wealthiest family in the world. The rules of the clan establish that a fighting tournament must be held once every five years to decide who is going to be the leader.

The winner of this tournament takes absolute control of the immense family fortune. There are not too many people that have won the tournament.

The year 2015. The date for the next Gouketsuji tournament is approaching. Oume Gouketsuji, winner of the last tournament, aware of her deteriorated physical strength, decided to look for her younger sister Otane to offer to her share the leadership of the clan. However the Gouketsuji twins thought that their strength was not enough and decided to ask for the help of an outsider.

This forced them to modify the rules of the tournament, allowing the participation of people outside the family. Now the twins not only have to retain their leadership, they also have to defend the clan against a rival family that wants the destruction of the Gouketsuji clan.


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