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The World Fighting Tournament : a worldwide competition for fighters who believe in the superiority of their own fighting skills and technique.

“J6 (“Judgement 6”) : An Organization composed of six global mega-industries that have great influence on everything from weapons development to world politics. Ultimately, “J6” strives for unrivaled control of the world’s fate. The true purpose of J6 holding the World Fighting Tournament is to test the abilities of “Dural” (artificial/programmable human beings), and new materials.
First World Fighting Tournament
Second World Fighting Tournament
Third World Fighting Tournament
Fourth World Fighting Tournament
Fifth World Fighting Tournament
Second World Fighting Tournament
One year has passed since eight of the world's toughtest, fastest fighters challenged each other in the World Fighting Tournament. Lau Chan may have won the championship, but all of the fighters gained something. Each fighter's limits and shortcomings became crystal clear. Some made new friendships; others developed intense rivalries. All gained valuable fighting experience before they left the arena and went their separate ways.

Now, one year later, the call has come again: ten cordial invitations to the second World Fighting Tournament. Ominously, no RSVP's are requested-as if anyone would be foolish enough to back out. Could the sinister Judgment 6 cartel be behind all this? Whatever new and formidable moves and techniques these accomplished fighters may possess, they all share one thing: the suspicion that this time, the stakes will be higher than ever.

After a year of hard training, Akira Yuki is back to try out his new moves and to fight the decisive battle against new-found rival Wolf Hawkfield. Hong Kong film star Pai Chan returns for another chance to defeat her father, Lau Chan, who has returned to defend his title. Pancratium master Jeffry McWild fights to preserve his livelihood. The ninja Kage-maru returns on both official and family business, as he seeks to break the cover and discover the secrets of the mysterious syndicate that pulls the strings of the World Fighting Tournament. Jacky Bryant has come to rescue his sister, Sarah, who-ironically-has been brainwashed and carefully trained to eliminate him. Master of Drunken-style kung fu Shin-di arrives to try his skills against the hottest young fighters in the world, while Tourou-ken expert Lion Rafale fights for his freedom.

Who will emerge victorious this time?


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