Evil Ryu (Super Street Fighter 4)
Such weakness demands a swift death!

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The World Fighting Tournament : a worldwide competition for fighters who believe in the superiority of their own fighting skills and technique.

“J6 (“Judgement 6”) : An Organization composed of six global mega-industries that have great influence on everything from weapons development to world politics. Ultimately, “J6” strives for unrivaled control of the world’s fate. The true purpose of J6 holding the World Fighting Tournament is to test the abilities of “Dural” (artificial/programmable human beings), and new materials.
First World Fighting Tournament
Second World Fighting Tournament
Third World Fighting Tournament
Fourth World Fighting Tournament
Fifth World Fighting Tournament
Fourth World Fighting Tournament
In the end, it was Kage-Maru who won the Third World Fighting Tournament. After it ended, he defeated a new model of Dural who appeared before him. Kage-Maru finally obtained the new item type required to save his mother, Tsuki-Kage. However, Tsuki-Kage actually got worse, transforming into Dural further when the item was used. Ultimately, she turned into Dural completely and “J6” acquired her once more. With Dural again within their grasp, “J6” started to research how they could mass produce Dural. During their research, “J6” discovered that Tsuki-Kage had remained incomplete for too long which explained her lack of abilities somewhat.

“J6” started to look for a new target eligible enough to become a new (complete) Dural. They decided upon “Sarah Bryant.” Plans were made so as to acquire her and the Fourth World Fighting Tournament was organized.

With many hidden agendas and suspicious machinations going on, the Tournament is now ready to begin.


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