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Dead or Alive World Combat Championship
A girl catches her breath and stares down at the gathering of warrior gods below.
What she feels is not light, but darkness. Her mind wanders with thought.
She's made it this far...
She's traveled this far...
on just a few clues...
to avenge her brother.
The chance for revenge is near.

The insatiable ambition of the human race has lead to the abuse of scientific knowledge. Foolishly setting up the stage for the extreme battle on the land.
Now, a new Dead or Alive battle is about to begin.

A girl calmly closes her eyes.
She hears the vibration of the colliding power and the uncontrollable, violent melody.

She envisions numerous obstacles set ahead of her.
The shadow waves to the courageous men and the dignified women.

Kasumi, trusting herself...
Throws herself...
into the wind.
the only thing left,
the whistling noise of the wind.


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