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Guilty Gear
The 22nd Century... Manking has succeeded in his dream of developing a natural, limitless energy supply. It was the dawning of the Age of Magic.

Science and industry, the source of environmental pollution and weapons of mass destruction, were outlawed. This controversial decision was to bring history as mankind knew it to an end...

However, the abolition of technology did little to soothe mankind's suffering. A war erupted, fueld by fearsome weapons based on rapidly developing magical theory. Eventually, shockingly powerful biological weapons were produced by fusing human and animal DNA with magic, resulting in a horrible mix of vitality and raw strength. This was the birth of the Gears.

The powerful military state that produced the Gears monopolized the manufacturing process, bringing countless other lands under its control. These Gears were designed to be little more than slaves, incapable of independent though. Yet from among their ranks a rebel appeared, announcing himself to be self-aware. This insurrectionist, calling himself Justice, gathered an army of fellow Gears and declared war on all mankind. Despite heavy initial casualties to these renegade Gears, the humans put their differences aside and formed an elite group of warriors to combat the Gear menace. This group of brave heroes became known as the Sacred Order of Holy Knights. One hundred years of brutal war later...

The fierce battle between the Gears and the humans, which had become known as the Crusades, was finally at an end. The heroic Sacred Order had sealed Justice inside an impenetrable dimensional prison, and it was only a matter of time before the remaining masterless Gears were rounded up and destroyed.

However, five years after the end of the Crusades, the walls of Justice's dimensional prison have unexpectedly begun to erode away. Assessing the threat before them, the world's leaders quickly organize an international fighting tournament to select members for a proposed Second Sacred Order of Holy Knights. Astoundingly, the prize for this tournament was said to be literally anything one desired: The victor would get to make a single wish... any wish at all.

Yet in the panic surrounding the imminent decay of Justice's dimensional prison, few seemed to take notice of the rather suspicious rules of this tournament, such as the welcoming of criminal entrants, and the permission to shed blood during the matches...


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