Android 18 (Super DragonBall Z)
I thought I'd be facing someone stronger.

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Guilty Gear X
In the year 2180, Justice-the most powerful and diabolical Gear ever to have been encountered by humans-was defeated in the international fighting tournament. The remaining Gears, now leaderless, were hunted down and eliminated. Humankind was finally free from the catastrophic menace brought on by the Gears.

However... less than a year after the incident, information about the discovery of a particular Gear rose to the public's attention. The report stated, "This Gear is functioning properly, even though its activities should be inhibited by its lack of leadership. There are no signs of abnormalities or physical damage. It is also noted that no civilians have been harmed, either intentionally or accidentally. We have made several attempts to eliminate the Gear, but due to its tremendous combat capabilities, we have been unsuccessful. The number of casualties has yet to be confirmed. We are currently keeping the Gear under surveillance."
Gears are biological weapons that are programmed to blindly obey the orders given to them by their commander. In the absence of orders, they become passive and behave peacefully. However, all existing Gears have had their memories erased by Justice, and without orders, they are incapable of doing anything. Not only do they lack the instinct to protect themselves, they cannot even perform the essential activities they need to keep themselves alive. As long as a Gear is functioning properly, it should be following commands given by Justice.
Understandably, the news of this Gear that seemed to have a will of its own stunned everyone. Humans became terrified by the possible emergence of a second self-reliant Gear like Justice. To make matters worse, rumors were flying that each nation was in possession of their own Gears for the purpose of military use, driving anti-Gear sentiment among humans to an all-time high. They would not give up their long-awaited peace so easily, and soon, an announcement was made:

~ Whosoever brings about the demise of this dreadful Gear shall be rewarded with the lofty sum of 500,000 World Dollars! ~


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