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Rival Schools: United by Fate
Recently, mysterious and unexplainable incidents have taken place that have rocked the country. In high schools all over, students have been mysteriously disappearing with no clue as to their whereabouts. Furthermore, it appeared that these unspeakable acts were occurring in direct defiance of the school system. These disappearances were taking place in many different locations simultaneously, and many thought that they were being staged by an organized crime ring.

It was also rumored throughout the world that these acts were being plotted by school officials or agents of a rogue foreign government. All government agencies cooperated with each other in the investigation to stop these mysterious events. Despite their good intentions, all of the blame fell onto school officials and nothing was ever resolved.

Parents and police could do nothing and the country was paralyzed with fear! A group of students decided to take matters into their own hands: "We will protect our schools", they cried. Yet the uneasiness still remains. Will the students get to the bottom of these strange occurences and bring true justice?

The great fight begins.


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