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Power Instinct
Those of our clan inherit the fighting spirit of our bloodline "Goketsuji."

The name responsible for the ongoing feud for control of the clan.

As outined in the family code, the bloodline must continue to grow even stronger and eliminate all those who are weak.

The Goketsuji Clan is currently the 3rd wealthiest family in the world. As a result, there are many who seek control the clan and the family fortune.

Some train endlessly building up their strength, others polish up their fighting skills with experience, and still others concentrate on their fighting spirit, all for control of the clan.

Because there were so many fighters vying for control of the clan Oshima, the 3rd Goketsuji Leader, declared the following to all.

The clan will hold a fighting tournament every 5 years.

The winner of this "test of strength" tournament will assume immediate control of the Goketsuji clan until the next tournament, at which time seat for control will be open once again. Any member with blood ties to the clan may enter.

- Decreed this day in the 14th year of the taisho era -

And presently..............


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