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Advances of the Organization
Storyline of Battle Arena Toshinden 3
(During 1998-1999)
After fierce combat at the Toshindaibukai, the Secret Society was crushed. It seemed that the underworld tournament had fulfilled its purpose. But a new enemy arose to confront the fighters!

"When the sea runs red with blood, the Overlord will descend to Earth!" So it is written of Agon Teos, also known as Toshin, Overlord of the Organization, in the Legend of Toshin. The Organization is now targeting the champions of the Toshindaibukai as sacrifices for their master.

"Eternal life and ultimate power belong to he who is reborn!" The Organization also has its evil sights on a young boy to receive the blood sacrifice - the one who is strong, and with a pure heart capable of holding the immense spiritual power of the Overlord.

The next Toshindaibukai is about to begin!


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