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Samurai Showdown: Warriors Rage
Storyline of Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage (PSX)
It is a time of sustained peace, and the age of the sword was drawing to a close.

But an increasing number could not adapt to the flow of history and became trouble before long.

So the shogunate created a "colony of prisoners" on a small island in sea nearby Edo as a place to rehabilitate the outlaws.

But, there were those who exploited this prison island and tried to create a "new world exclusively for the chosen ones" after destroying the shogunate.

The group they formed was called the "League of the Three Blades of Domination" and each member had their own mighty strength.

Using their might, they subjugated the outlaws and begin their plans to overthrow the shogunate.

And in no time the "town of outlaws" came to be called "Ritenkyo"-the seat of opposition.

Under these figures Ritenkyo unexpectedly changed from a "place of rehabilitation for returning to society" to a "lawless zone in which only the strong survive."

The inhabitants engaged in vendettas, skirmishes, and death battles to survive from day to day.

And the "Three Blades of Domination" steadily consolidated their power to its utmost, absorbing strength from the hate surrounding them.

On a still, pitch-black night of the new moon.


The glow of a candle grows and a single shadow emerges from the darkness.

It is an elderly gentleman with a beard and tranquil visage.

"Have they arrived?"

"Yes, Lord Oboro. The red-eyed boy and girl have come."

Only a voice comes from the darkness.

Without making a noise, the old man rises and speaks:

"At last, the time has come.... Time to make their acquaintance."

The man's closed eyelids pop open.

His red eyes glow with the light of the candle.


A burst of wind slices the calm, and darkness once again dominates the world.

A few years later, three people look down at the world below from a tall tower.

One is a tall man armed with a sword; the other, a bewitching, alabaster-skinned woman.

The two share a pair of red eyes.

And standing behind them awaits a fine-looking elderly man who appears somewhat out of place.

The sunlight reflects off their red eyes, making them glow eerily.

The woman mutters:

"A few people we have some things to settle with appear to have entered Ritenkyo.

Word has it that they are major obstacles to the realization of our intentions."

The man speaks as he continues to survey the world below.

"All we need to do is wait here. The rats will come even if we do nothing."

The Three Blades of Domination are about to bring an end to the era of peace in this world.
And the warriors who battle for their own reasons converge on "Ritenkyo" as our story begins.

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