Hanzo Hattori (King of Fighters 2006, The)
Behold... my power of darkness!

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Samurai Showdown 64
Storyline of Samurai Shodown 64
It all began over two decades ago...and took several years to carry out.

"Yuga the Destroyer" seized unborn children throughout the land, provided them with various mysterious skills, and then returned them to their mothers.

The babies were later brought into the world as if nothing had happened.

These infants displayed unique abilities from infancy and were called child gods by some, child demons by others. Over the subsequent decades, they grew to become extremely gifted children, ending up as the true movers and shakers of their generation.

Then one day "Yuga the Destroyer" suddenly appeared before them.

He came to show these individuals who remembered nothing of him...a puppet show.

And those who saw this performance remembered:

the missions they were given before they came into this world…

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