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Trajes Fatais - TRAF
Storyline of Trajes Fatais - TRAF
Nathalie Clarimond's birthday party turns out to be a big event in the city of Apollinae do Sul (South Apollinae). After all, her father, Wagner Clarimond, the mayor and industrialist of the region, wants to bring together his potential voters drawn to his daughter's charisma. In the huge mansion the whole town meets for a night, safe behind their masks, unaware of the intrigues, enmities and conspiracies that are about to explode... Until a light from the sky changes everything. A mysterious entity freezes time, giving some party participants the power of the costumes they are wearing. The chosen ones are forced to fight each other, competing for their own freedom and for the power destined for the winner. Where did it come from and what are the motives of the entity? The cosmic event ends bringing up unresolved issues that the guests locked in their mundane existence.

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