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Vanguard Princess
Storyline of Vanguard Princess
In a not-so distant future, worldwide conflict and strife have bought the world in chaos.

During the another world war, a passenger plane was accidentally shot down killing everyone on board except for one young girl who remained unharmed. Eventually she grew up to be a beautiful young woman. But as time passed, a mysterious ability began to awaken within her. At first, she was brought to a private research institute, but when The Government learned about her abilities, they began to analyze her powers for military purposes. She had the ability to bend the laws of the universe into itself, which The Government called Tactical Sorcery.

She also had great fighting skills, which further encouraged The Government's desires to exploit her abilities. So she underwent a series of cruel human experiments. Then at some point, the experimentation triggered her powers to get out of their control; causing what they call the Astral Impact. The impact of the shockwave spread throughout the world and mystically bestowed many young girls with the powers of Tactical Sorcery. Eventually these girls were recruited to battle on the frontline. Each girl was reffered to as Vanguard Princess due to their beauty. They became the inspiration to many soldiers.

One year after the world began to experience peace with each other, the powerful girl returned; now calling herself the Enforcer of Reason. She vows to destroy mankind. And now each Vanguard Princess heads into battle. They do so not just for the sake of the world, but to pursue their own personal motives and dreams...


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