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Battle High 2
Storyline of Battle High 2
Welcome to San Bruno High School for The Elementally Advanced
once again! It has been a rather exciting couple of weeks...

Jiro finally was able to challenge his brother, Shinji, to a
one-on-one match with the guise that, if he wins, The Rivals,
San Bruno’s largest, most unruly gang, would have to disband.
Shinji accepted the challenge and lost in a humiliating, losing
all of his friends, including his girlfriend, Mai, in the process.

Arvid defeated the Beast of Hall 22, Bryan, forcing him to no
longer stalk the halls and scare students. Bryan retreated into
the shadows, embarrassed. Arvid also teamed up with peer, Ryken,
to help protect the halls. Ryken never found proof that HW was
responsible for his father’s fatal accident, but he vows to find
whomever did it, but in the meantime, tries to subdue his rage
with help of his new, ever-optimistic friend, Arvid.

After defeating Shinji, Jiro was challenged by Khai. Jiro would
have refused, but Mai pleaded with him to in the hopes it would
help end her brother’s incessant training. Jiro fought with the
best of his abilities, but was exhausted and lost. Exhilarated by
his win, Khai now desires more challenges and continues training --
much to Mai’s dismay. Mai, however, has gained affection for Jiro,
and hopes to call on him again to help her brother’s obsessive desire
to fight.

During this exciting week, a new principal was elected -- Principal
Frederick Regisworth. Many thought the school would become more peaceful.
Arvid was even appointed head all monitors to protect the halls from
terrors like Bryan; however, a few weeks after being hired, students began
losing their elemental abilities. As various rumors spread, all are now in
a state of paranoia and on the defense...


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