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The Axe Unearthed!
Storyline of Golden Axe: The Duel
Many years have passed since the last war with Death Adder.

But as memories of those dark times begin to fade, another war is beginning. Out of the mists of time, a magical axe is discovered. The legend of the axe is well known throughout the land, for it is told that this axe is the very one which Gillius Thunderhead used to slay Death Adder.

Over time the powers of the axe have grown. It is said that the artifact can grant it's owner anything his or her heart desires. Young and old, good and evil, many are drawn towards the power of the weapon. Thus begins the war of the Golden Axe...

Ten fighters remain from thousands. Select one of them and begin battling your way to claim the axe. You'll need to beat the other nine characters before you can take the prize. Each one is a talented fighter, determined to go all the way and use the axe for his or her own purposes. Better be ready, the first fighter is waiting!


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