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Deadly Moves
Storyline of Power Moves
Fighters became tired of common fighting matches therefore new forms of ferocious combat and unique fighting matches were born.

................There was a young man growing-up in a small town in America who was destined to be a fighter. Training since childhood, he dreamt of becoming a strongman in the true sense of the word above and beyond traditional and institutional standards.But time continued to pass and all his training seemed to come to no avail...............

One day, however news of a new champion of the unique fighting matches was heard throughout the world. His sudden appearance and victories with overwhelming strength rewrote all records in a short period of time.

..................The young man felt that it was he who was supposed to be the one to show the world the prowness of fighting and be the true champion.

While training one day, the young man encountered a mysterious old man who bestowed his secret existence of the Fighting Masters in each and every part of the world.

His journey had begun. He vowed to challenge each be victorious and to learn all "Deadly Moves" to become the champion of champions.


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