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War of Three Kingdoms
Storyline of Dynasty Warriors
Collapse of the Han Dynasty

The events told here are from China 1,800 years ago. Two hundred years after the Emperor Guang-Wu revives the Han Dynasty, war and chaos once again ensue. Despotic rulers, scheming eunuchs and beaucratic infighting wreck the Eastern Han Dynasty. One violent faction, the dreaded Yellow Turban Rebels, roam the country removing officials by force.

During this chaotic time, an urgent order is sent to nobles to raise troops and defend Emperor Shao. Dong Zhuo, an ambitious and opportunistic warlord, defeats the rebel disturbance and takes the capital of Loyang. He declares himself Prime Minister and begins a tyrannical campaign to rule the country.

Many prominent nobles are alarmed by this turn of events. Together they form a league against Dong Zhuo, and pledge to overthrow him. At the same time, they individually strive to establish their own kingdom as the strongest in hope to unite the people under a new dynasty. For the next 100 years, China is torn apart by marauding warlords and warriors who seek to leave their mark on history.

Warriors of the Three Kingdoms

Three men gain regional supremacy by the early third century -- Cao Cao in Wei, Sun Quan in Wu, and Liu Bei in Shu. They are aided by warriors who disdain defeat -- heroes who single-handedly challenged enemy forces to uphold the honor of their lord. When these fighting men meet, hardened by hundreds of battles, only one can become "Musou -- The Warrior Unequalled."


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