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Barbarian Prophecy
Storyline of Barbarian
An age of darkness beset Barbaria, its origin a mystery until now. A man known as Zaugg is said to have woven magic so vile that the land itself is eroding from its evil corruption. Prophecy foretold of this wicked time, placing the only chance of salvation on the shoulders of one hero of Barbaria.

Heroes of Barbaria come in many forms and from many places. Their motives to stop the madness forged by Zaugg are more than ending his growing power. Who they are, why they quest, and what they will become is destiny. Only one has the power to succeed!

Those heroes of Barbaria are known as Barbarians. Their kind has waged war since the dawn of time, ravaging the Earth as they battle with weapon and magic alike! They stand fearless before the world, wielding power and magic. With the coming of Zaugg, the call to battle is made. Who is the Barbarian of prophecy? Prepare yourself, the battle begins...


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